Sunday, June 1, 2008

Praying for Rain

A new poem - after a very long drought:

Praying for Rain

My thoughts are as dry as the grass
They crackle underfoot and swirl about in the dust
While my eyes consider each cloud for rain potential

The drought extends beyond the weather
The meager moisture is not enough to drink
The spirit begins to whither within me
It curls like parched leaves
And recedes with the water of the pond
Leaving a beach around it
That if only I were not so thirsty
I might explore for fresh possibilities

Instead I listen for distant thunder
And test the wind for improvement
Until I finally reach out to God and discover – yet again –
The Living Water that falls like rain
Pouring moisture on the desert I
Have withdrawn to until in its fullness
It spills forth and leads the way back
To the knowledge that He will let it rain
When it is time
And all of my thirst beyond my need for Him is self-induced
And ill advised

by Muse-Swings - Drought, 2008

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