Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mister Man on a Mission

Good afternoon, boys and girls! It's going to be raining on and off again today, and if you're looking for something fun to do indoors, try this:

You can make a Lego version of yourself. It's a hoot! I chose a tiara for mine. What a surprise, eh? When I was young, I liked to sit around and read and daydream and my mom's reaction always was to say, "Well, just who do you think you are, the Queen of England?" Well yeah, now that you mention it, I could use a Mistress of the Wardrobe and a Lady in Waiting or two. I never actually said yes, I valued a painless and timeoutless life.

Tomorrow, boys and girls we shall make kaleidoscopes! (Thanks for the fun stuff, Jason!)

I sent my swarthy Romanian on a mission the other day. Our resident alligator was sunning himself on the "beach" of our pond. I was already outside with Layla, so I asked the Mister to grab the camera and see if he could get a close up shot for my blog. He did, and he took several pictures as he moved towards the gator, knowing the gator could decide to vacate his spot at any moment. I stayed far away with Layla the Alligator Lunch Dog. That little island that the gator is sunning himself on is covered over by water now that it has rained about a foot of water. It's a little barrier island that the boys next door made by tossing dirt in the pond for an entire summer. Something like when my brother Joe and I used to dig for China.

We had a visiting Pastor, Tim Corbin, speak at church this morning. He and his wife Amy and three daughters moved to Seattle WA last summer. They will be opening a new church in September. It's called The Commons. He showed a short informational video before he spoke. It was quite amazing to find out that 90% of the people in WA have no religion whatsoever, and the vast majority of churches there have congregations of 20-30 people. Tim and his wife are going to attempt to change some of that, and bring the Word of Jesus to these folks. They, like we, are always searching for something that will complete our lives. Some of us have found the answer, some continue to search. Tim is an excellent speaker, and his message this morning was wonderfully enlightening - except for the time when thunder roared and the lights went off for a second.

Got some things to do, since I did't do a thing yesterday. Catch you later! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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