Saturday, June 14, 2008

May I please see your Green Card?

Is these pictures magic or what? A friend of mine - who happens to own a hummingbird feather - sent these pics of a friend of hers. With a little patience she has these sweet little birds eating out of her hand!

I spot a lone hummingbird once in a while in the yard, but not often enough to try this. I'd just wind up with a bunch of squirrels sitting on my head.

We were on our way to dinner at Sonny's last night and walked by the 24 hr Starbucks. The mister said - is that your Bosnian soccer team? (That's from a post of several weeks ago when I was there with my Bible study posse) Sure enough, it was. I wanted to stop for coffee after we ate - I wanted to see if they thought the Mr. was one of their compadre's and would talk to him. This is based on his swarthy Romanian looks. He opted not to stop, and kind of steered me away by walking right next to me and sort of leaning me off to the left towards the car.

During lunch hours I used to go to a Starbucks in N. St. Pete with my friend Kathy. Every day there was a group of Bosnian men there. One cup of espresso on the table. A dozen guys. All day. It used to tick off the Starbucks employees and the customers because these guys used up most of the tables and chairs. They'd be there for hours. Kathy and I'd manage to find a seat most times. But this group of guys was particularily unfriendly and were kind of distracting when their friends would pull up next to the curb to shout at each other.

Kathy and I found an on line translation site and we figured out how to say things like:

May I please see your Green Card?

Would you please move your fat-ass van out of the fire lane?

No, you may not take that chair.

Is that a detonator in your pocket?

We never really took the opportunity to say anything to them( they were rather surly) , but we'd crack ourselves up putting Bosnian sentences together.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against people from Bosnia - I just don't like getting crowded out of Starbucks. And typically it's a group of Bosnian men who are good at doing that. There was a shooting at the downtown Clearwater Starbucks (Over by the Scientology Hotel) several years ago. One guy got killed. Bosnians. Probably a fight over chairs. How do you say "watch your head" in Bosnian?

I'm just planning to do things around the house today. No outside adventures further away than the mail box. Got to re pot a couple of orchids, sweep the lanai and keep an eye out for rain. We got about 10 drops total yesterday, meanwhile it was pouring buckets north, south, east and west of us. I was standing outside while it was raining and I couldn't even feel it. I'll let you know how today goes! Good of you to stop by! What are you up to today?

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