Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Things are Outta Control!

I posted a picture my daughter Jennifer sent - California gas prices. Ouch! The only reason our Florida prices remain below $4 is the number four is on back order. At least that's my opinion.

The Red Wings lost last night - in the 3rd overtime! 3-4. The Stanley cup was on the premises but with minutes to go during regular time the Penguins scored and brought the game to a 3-3 tie. We'll try again on Wednesday. They all played well, and didn't spend much time trying to kill each other. Except for the Penguin who caught a puck with his nose. It was delivered by his own team. You and I would have been laid up in the hospital for 6 weeks. He was back on the ice 5 minutes later. Hockey guys are tough.

A large soft shell turtle mama made her way into my garden this morning. I'm late doing everything because I had to watch this special moment. It was special alright. She couldn't find a comfy spot so she just kept on wandering about and digging. First I saw my pineapple plant flying through the air, then the oregano did a triple spin and then the milkweed started waving frantically. I couldn't watch anymore. As I ducked into the house she was heading for the bergamot and the chives. A short time later I went out to check the damage. Turtle mama was back in the pond looking at me with as much of a contented look that a turtle can muster. My garden looked like I had run a John Deere tractor through it. I carefully replanted the remains of the skyward plants, and now we'll wait for the delivery day. Should be the third full moon from now. I'll let you know when it happens. The announcement should read something like boy girl girl boy girl boy boy boy girl ...you get the drift.

The squirrels were at it again. It wasn't a fluke that they managed to dislodge the squirrel proof bird feeder the other day. With our usual Pollyanna attitude The Mister and I cleaned the feeder and filled it with premium bird seed with plenty of fruit, nuts and sunflower seed before rehanging it. This morning it was on the ground again and the squirrels were laying around eating like they were at a Roman banquet. I tried adding an extra heavy s-hook. We'll see how it goes this time around.

Looks like Hillary may throw in the towel later today. That's all I'm saying. None of my friends or family are saying anything about the Presidential race. Like me they may be so dumbed out by the 2 years ( or is it 6) of debates, slams, biased coverage, un-biased coverage, over coverage, rehashed coverage, mashing an idiotic story into the ground coverage, that we can't even think about about it without getting a migraine. I think the race should have a time limit, a money limit and a news coverage limit. The way things are now, you just want to run into your precinct screaming, "Get this over with!! Git outta my way! Lemme mash a button - any button on the voting machine. Make it stopppppppppppppppp!"

Thank goodness for Lindsey Lohan and Brittany Spears. They throw the news guys off the campaign trail every now and again. The downtrodden everydayguys get some really worthwhile news tidbits to illuminate our decrepit little lives. That's what I love about the media. They decide what to report on and then they turn around and claim it is because we, the public, want to hear about Lohan and Spears and the Brangelina's. Meanwhile the stuff that landed on Mars last week - you did know that, didn't you? We had 5 whole minutes of coverage- could be up there digging up mummies for all we know. Better we should get the real inside on Deborah LaFave instead

Think I'll go meditate for a while. Do something calming ... catch you later

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