Saturday, May 31, 2008

Horoscope for Hermits

Now this is my kind of horoscope. Stay home, do what I want, and think about stuff:

Yahoo's Horoscope for 5/31
You won't be too interested in what the outside world has to offer right now -- you'd much rather explore the ideas in your own mind. Creativity is an important part of who you are, and it is controlling your thought process right now. Your creative urge wants to take another look at all of those old concepts and wacky ideas you stuck back in the attic of your mind. There are some good thoughts in there -- isn't it time you fleshed them out a little bit more? Contemplation can be very productive.

Us Virgos get to kick back today. That's exactly what I did. Contemplated, but not so hard that I got a headache or thirsty or anything.

I had to make amends with the Mister for yesterday's blog. Him and his skritchy sandals.
He says I snore. I say women don't snore (whether you can hear us or not.) They just don't. Too dainty for that kind of activity. I agreed, as part of making amends, that if he can catch me snoring he can video tape it and I'll put it up on the blog. That won't stop me from telling it like it is on the home front. It's what ladies do. Like the woman who told her husband she needed to call her girlfriend. He said - what could you possibly have to say to her? You've already talked to her 4 times today. She says - Well, first off, I have to tell her what you just said.

I've been getting really great hair cuts from Erica my beautician for the last several months. Or maybe it's my shampoo. Or conditioner. More likely it's a miracle. Whatever, I'm good with it because when I wake up in the morning (or early afternoon) (whenever) my hair looks almost exactly the way it did when I went to bed. Have you ever heard of such a thing? No kidding. I'm not changing a thing. Those of you who have spent the night in our guestroom know that usually isn't so. I wake up looking like I wore a helmet with a fan in it all night. I'll tell you what though. You same folks know what the Mr. looks like in the AM. Like he slept hanging upside down. If he videos me snoring, I'm also going to post the morning shot of him that I keep in the safe.

The Red Wings are playing game 4 as we speak, and I've been told by the Mr. and my son to get myself in front of the TV. Seems I influence the scoring. They're tied with the Penguins 1/1 so I have to go cheer them on. Go Red Wings! Catch you later.

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