Friday, June 27, 2008

It Pays to Complain

Picture: Tampa Theatre

It's a miracle. Maybe. I took my complaint about Suspender Man Denis and Suits-are-bad Linda to ABC Action news. I wrote a very polite note asking that they PLEASE MOVE OVER instead of standing directly in front of Pinellas County during their weather reports. I did not get a reply. However, last night at 6:00 and 11:00 Denis was standing in the Gulf of Mexico, leaving Pinellas in view for the local folk to actually see for a change. He seemed a bit distracted, so he may have been having an off day. Chances are that he got the message. I'll report back after a few more weather reports to let you know if it's just a fluke.

I have gotten a few things corrected by writing or calling to state the obvious. Once I encouraged the County to move 50 Bob's Barricades off of Starkey Road. The road warriors finished their work but left the barricades. I continued to sit in the turn lane each day for 10 to 15 light changes. For nothing. I called. They said they were still working daily. Pfffft. I explained that I sat there for 30 minutes every day. I memorized every stone and cigarette butt. I watched the gaseous expansion of the dead armadillo to the point of explosion. Nothing had moved. No human being had visited the area for at least a week. Next day? No Bob's barricades. Ya'll have me to thank for that.

Another change that has my name all over it: Tampa Theater has a wonderful balcony. Problem is, the stairs are various widths and heights and are not properly lit. It was scary enough trying to navigate them with two free hands, and I had somehow been rooked into going for popcorn for the Mister and his Bro. Coming back, I missed the last step - couldn't see it at all. I almost took a swan dive over the rail. Luckily the rail held. Other than a shower of popcorn on the folks below and a lovely black and blue mark I was none the worse for wear. I called. I'm not a litigious person, I merely stated the problem and asked for better lighting or reflective tape at the stair edges. Next visit: reflective tape at the stair edges. You're welcome.

If you haven't been to Tampa Theater yet, you have got to go. It's amazing. They show a wonderful summer series of old films. Go - even if you've seen the film 74 times. They also show the very best of current independent and foreign films: The Station Agent, The Painted Veil, Pieces of April played there. It's a wonderful experience. Sit in the balcony. You won't be tripping over any stairs.

I won't be asking the Mister to do anything out of doors today. Seems his 20 year old blue knit shorts are in the laundry. He's wearing some getup that is ....well. I am beyond words. He's wearing a 30 year old turquoise t-shirt with a torn pocket and a pair of ill fitting purplish gray knit pants that have enough static electricity in them that they have kinda spun around on his legs. It is gruesome. I told him I had no choice but to tell you.

I think the dryer just stopped. I can't believe I'm happy his blue shorts are dry and ready to wear for another 35 days. Gotta go get the Mister re-outfitted. Good to see you again!

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