Monday, June 2, 2008

Coney Dogs and Octopus

The Mister took a sample of the Detroit style coney dogs (see 5/22 post) over to My Cafe last week. They loved 'em! They're ordering the chili and dogs and adding them to the menu. That's great news. It will be cheaper for us to eat them at the cafe. Plus I don't have to chop the onions. The postage on our orders is exorbitant, but if you gotta have them, you gotta have them. If you're in the Palm Harbor area, My Cafe is at Alderman and US 19. SW corner. It's right where the Lucky Dill was located several years ago.

Slow day today. The only real accomplishment was figuring out what to have for dinner tonight and then going to Albertson's to get it. It's Caesar salad with grilled chicken and french bread with herb and oil "dippy sauce". Sounds good, doesn't it? Apple pie for dessert. No, I did not make the pie.

Only trick with this dinner menu is to get the Mr. to grill the chicken in such a way that it's actually done in the middle. He grills like most men. (Sometimes it's ok to generalize.) Fire, smoke, flip, flip, fire, smoke, hissssssss, done! Jason and I roll our eyes a lot. And give the chicken an extra minute or so in the microwave.

Jason's here for dinner and the Stanley Cup Finals game 5. Red Wings vs Penguins. The Red Wings could (again) take the Stanley Cup tonight. I read an article this morning about a fan who was ejected from the last game for throwing an octopus on the ice. After he dusted himself off, he bought another ticket from a scalper ($300!), changed shirts and went back in to watch the rest of the game.

Octopus, you ask? Throwing octopus on the ice at Red Wing games is a fine old tradition, however they cause a game delay while the Zamboni guy comes out with a bucket and shovel and scrapes up the tentacles while the referee supervises the disgusting removal process. The octopus freezes right into the ice. Comes off a few suction cups at a time. Tossers are now ejected. Read this:
for the octopus history

Gotta get dinner ready (and supervise the chicken prep) Go Wings!

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