Sunday, June 8, 2008

Comedians and Onion Soup

Some of my church ladies and I saw Chondra Pierce yesterday evening. Chondra is a Christian Comedian. And, no, that is not a contradiction of terms. She's as real as can be and she was nearly non-stop funny, but with identifiable messages and encouragement for us ladies. If she's playing near you, grab some of your lady friends and go see her! Check out for her schedule. Her shows are generally sold out, and for good reason.

Because of the early show time I had a "late lunch" with the Mister and son, Jason, at Hop's. We prefer to call it late lunch. As opposed to "early bird dinner". We may be counted among the senior citizens of Florida, but we try hard not to be typical.

For example: We can both see over the steering wheel. We do not make left hand turns from the right lane. We buy an entire book of stamps at a time. (heaven forbid we should die with left-over stamps in our possession. Kids: Whoever gets to them first can have them. Use them for the thank-you notes or something) We try very hard to stay away from rush hour traffic so the rest of you young-uns can get home after work, On voting days we do NOT rush to the precinct at 7:00 am - we leave that time for the working folks. We do not come to a complete stop before making a turn. We do not eat at Denny's. We have promised each other that we will not buy Sass shoes.

But I digress. Anyway, we go to Hop's because the Mister loves their French onion soup. That's the only reason we go. I am not particularly enamored by anything on the menu. Especially since they snagged the Spicy Thai chicken salad off the menu several years ago. Bummer. It was really good. So the Mister orders his French onion soup - and guess what????? They've taken it off the menu. They have got to start notifying us when they do these things.

So two things happen. The mister expressed his unhappiness. He can look mean. He's not. But how would the waitperson know this. So for the rest of our time there she will only make eye contact with Jason and I and she keeps one foot in the running position in case this bug eyed customer goes ballistic on her. You can't be too careful these days. I gave her extra syrupy smiles to keep her courage up but with little success.

The second thing that happened is: Applebee's has identical French onion soup. While we are waiting for our order, the Mister places a call to the local Applebee's . He asks if they still have French onion soup on the menu. They do! (thank goodness!) The Mister then announces that we will never go to Hop's again. (fine with me, I'm only tagging along for him anyway) Going forward it's A for Applebee's whenever he has a hankerin' for F.o. soup. (whatever).

Gotta go fight some weeds and stuff. Thanks for stopping in! Leave a comment if you have time. Got any questions? Anything?

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