Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year - 2012


Happy New Year Dear Bloggyfriends! 
I've chosen this century old card to ring in 2012 AD at 12:00 AM

Irene posted this card  January 1, 1912 to Mrs. Lena Martin in East Providence RI.  A satellite view of the address shows a large piece of property with a rambling house on Watchmoket Cove, an inlet on the Providence River.

The message reads:
"Wish you a Happy New Year. Be sure to come to the initiation Wednesday night won't you.  We have ten young men coming in and not enough girls to march with them.  I want you to be one of the escorts and I'll be sure to pick out a nice looking young fellow for you.  Wear white if convenient. It looks so pretty in line."

This message has put Lena into a fine state. She had planned to have "one of her headaches" Wednesday.  Always an excellent excuse for not attending  Irene's stuffy gatherings. And now, not only must she go, but she will be required to wear the lovely white gown she was saving for Myrna Pindley's Annual Post-New Years Eve Cotillion.  If any of the same people are at both events Lena shall be just mortified to be caught wearing the same frock twice.  Lena feels the beginning of one of her headaches - a real one this time.  But then, while searching for her medicinal powders she considers that a slight change to the gown may allow for two wearings without the gossip.  Lena makes a note to call Lucile, her personal designer, first thing in the morning.

  Design by Lucile c.1912

All is well in the morning! Lucile is so cunning!  She suggests a striking black bodice and train be added for the Cotillion.  Who will ever guess it is a twice worn dress, excepting perhaps Lady Gertrude Winterberry and her spinster daughter. 


 But that was then...


And this is now

Raise your glass high and

Have a spectacular New Year!