Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey Lady, There's A Snake on Your Lanai

Rain? Yesterday the storm clouds parted like the Red Sea (as often happens) at the edge of Hillsborough County. Torrents to the north of us and torrents to the south of us and a meager little sprinkle in Palm Harbor. We'll try again today. I hear some thunder in the distance. There's hope.

This morning I was greeted by a snake on the lanai. Great. It was a ring neck snake, non-poisonous, non aggressive and small, so I set aside all of my personal creepiness, let the Mr. remain sleeping away the morning, put on my trusty gardening gloves, picked the critter up and set him (her?) outside. About 10 minutes ago I had to save a frog from the swimming pool. She (he?) was tired of swimming around in there, so I just snagged it by hand and set it outside with the snake. Bindy the Jungle Girl has nothing on me, except that she can probably retire whenever she feels like it.

The Mister got an advertisement from Hospice today. They're doing health screenings for major diseases. Stroke, diabetes, heart disease. It seems to me that they are looking for candidates. Don't get me wrong. I admire hospice, but it was like getting a suit altering offer from the local funeral home.

I had a big outing today. We went to Sweetbay to pick up a prescription. 4 bucks! Everything the Mister and I take is available for $4 there. Cool. It costs more to use my insurance. We also took a fish tank water sample over to Pet Supermarket. (there is no end to the excitement of our outings) The guy tested the PH, rolled his eyes and asked if my fish are still alive. I get the message. As soon as I finish this post I am going to clean the tank and fill it with his recommendation of Zephyr Hills spring water. I don't even buy that for myself. It's going to cost about as much as an oil change to make my fish happy.

We also got our daily iced latte's from Dunkin' Donuts. and then stopped for a gourmet meal of Checker Burgers. Don't let Jason or Jennifer know that we still get 1 plain for Layla the dog. They're totally against people food for dogs. I should be too, but this has been going on for several years and she is healthy, happy, at the proper weight and loves Checker Burger day. She's sleeping it off right now.

That was it for my outing. We almost stopped at Publix too, but I'd had enough excitement for one day. Tomorrow I get to see Erica for a haircut, and then stop at my church to help with some administrative stuff for a while. Can't tie me down!

Thursday I'm having lunch with my friend Jill. We spend a good portion of our time together laughing. She's a hoot. Her computer isn't hooked up yet, and she's not reading this, so I'll tell you a funny story. Several years ago she was taking a load of stuff to the laundry. She was in a hurry and just threw it all in the back seat of her car. When she got to the laundry she grabbed the clothes up as best she could and took them in. When she came out she found a bra and pair of panties stuck to the grill of her car. I still laugh about that one! She handled it well. Just kind of snatched it of off the grill on the way by and dumped it on the car floor. During lunch on Thursday I'll tell her that ya'll know about her undies.

Going to take care of my fish. Be back later!

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