Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let's Make A Deal and I got Door # 3

We needed baking potatoes for dinner. To go with our ribs and home made BBQ sauce. Yummy. We spent an hour wheeling and dealing, the Mister and I, about who would drive the entire mile to Albertson's and make the big purchase of the day. I'd already gone out for our lattes and Checker burgers so I felt I was immune having already exerted myself today. But the Mister came up with the best argument. He said he would load the 7 bags of grah-doo for the Salvation Army if I would do the Albertson's run. He looks reasonably shabby today(in his 20 year old shirt and those *%@(* blue shorts he wears day after day after day after..), and I, being the height of fashion in my jeans and clean t-shirt, decided to bite the bullet and purchase the potatoes. Whatever. It turned out that lady luck smiled on me.

I used the self-check out, to avoid being asked "Did you find everything okay??) (NOOOoo - you guys keep rearranging the store. It took me a month to find two potatoes, 1 box of pasta and some ice cream sandwiches) (Put it back the way it was, please)

Turns out I got an error notice on the potatoes: Item Not Recognized. Step Aside. Help Alert. Security to Aisle B. Stand Away From the Checkout. Keep Your Hands Where We Can See Them. I waved the bar code again. Yes, a bar code on the potato and said Itttttttssssss a potatooooooo. Still no luck.

The self check clerk who was in the middle of a yawn had to drag herself over and see what the problem was. Found out the potatoes aren't in the computer - new brand- so she gave them to me for free! They'll be absolutely scrumptious. I love free stuff. And then, Lady Luck smiled again: I found a $5 bill in the parking lot next to my car. Cool. I waited for a while to see if anyone would run out of the store flailing their arms and searching the ground for lost money, but it didn't happen. My ice cream sandwiches were starting to melt, so $5 and 2 potatoes richer I wended my way home.

The timer is about to go off - got to get the Mister to put those ribs on the grill, so I'm outta here for now. Check the earlier post from today - you can make a kaleidoscope. It's fun. Thanks for stopping by!

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