Thursday, June 12, 2008

Excuse Me, But There's a Lady of the Night on Your Lanai

Did you hear the one about the person who was an insomniac, an agnostic and a dyslexic? He would lie awake all night wondering if there is a doG.

I'm on insomniac (again) tonight, so here I am. I'm definitely NOT an agnostic. Occasionally my slight dyslexic side shows though. Usually just to myself when I misread something. I crack myself up. Like the time I glanced at a headline in the newspaper. I read: Librarians Storm Embassy. I think to myself: Librarians storm an embassy? Librarians? They're generally quiet and reserved. What might prompt a librarian to storm an embassy and which embassy for Heaven's sake??? I was going to drop off some books today, but now I am a bit apprehensive. So I decide to read the headline one more time. I read: Liberians Storm Embassy. I think to myself: Oh.

One of my Lady of the Night orchids is in bloom. The orchid species name is actually Brassavola Nodosa. It has a heavenly and very alluring scent - only at night. You can be 15 feet away and catch the scent. It is amazing. During the day it just sits there and looks pretty and doesn't give a clue about what goes on when the sun goes down. I think what prompted my inability to go to sleep tonight is I was minding my own business, reading in bed as I do and the Mister decided it was time to go to bed instead of watching the rest of Jimmy Kimmel. So he pops into bed and turns out the light. I decided to let him get away with it, but an hour and a half later I'm still laying there wide awake while he is snoring away contentedly in my left ear. I'm so used to the snoring part that I can ignore that, but Layla the dog was sleeping on my left foot. Plus I was thirsty. And my nose itched. So here I am. I'll probably go back to bed in a few minutes, turn the light back on and finish the story I was reading. A short story called "Rain" by G. Somerset Maugham.

I've read it several times, so I know how it ends, but that's beside the point. I was in mid-sentence when the lights went out and I was just getting to the really good part.

The story, written in 1920, is about a group of travelers who are held over in Pago-Pago because of a measles epidemic. The characters include a prudish missionary and a prostitute. Things happen. Maugham was a fantastic way of exposing human relationships. "Before the Party" is another particular favorite of mine.

One of his books, The Painted Veil", was recently made in to a wonderful movie staring Edward Norton and Naomi Watts. Filmed in China. It's excellent! Rent it! Now.

At the tone the time will be 3:45. (I think the blog post time shows as Pacific time, so it might look like I'm lying to ya. Believe me. It's 3:45. So I'll check my spelling as best I can and go snap that bedroom light back on in a minute I'll let you know how that goes. Thanks for visiting!

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