Monday, June 9, 2008

Squirrel Mystery and Case of Inertia Sets in on Blogger

Samson the dog (Jennifer's pup) looks like I feel today!
Today's Horoscope is an obvious mistake.

"Be encouraging and help others ride the wave of good energy that you're on, right now! It's easy for you to create good times for your people because you are feeling exceptionally generous and warm toward the people you care about most. You know all their favorite activities, so why not plan something that you know they'll love? Even if you just have a friend over to watch their favorite television show at your place, they will love being hosted in such a thoughtful way."

Must be talking to someone else. Some other Virgo with energy. All you people I care about are going to have to make your own plans. I feel generous and warm for you today, but the energy part is missing. So, I'm going to read a book and maybe take a nap. You're on your own. Sorry.

Good news! I have a new grand nephew! His name is Samuel and he was born on Friday 6/6. How cool is that? He has big brother Benjamin to show him the ropes, and some really great parents and grand parents. He lives in Michigan, so I'll have to wait for some pictures.

Squirrel Mystery
My squirrels appear to have gone on vacation today! Or, they may be in mourning. Haven't seen but one. That one -of the 8 billion or so who have been terrorizing my garden - was found dead under mysterious circumstances this morning by my mail box. The initial investigation shows no signs of foul - or even fowl- play. I didn't use any crime scene tape or interview any passersby, or do the little chalk outline. I just gingerly transferred his stiff little body into a Chico's bag for garbage pick up in the morning. None of his buddies are available for questioning. There is no person (squirrel) of interest. This is definitely a cold case.

Other than that, and based on a complete lack of energy and drive I've got nothing going on today. Except to look at Doppler radar once in a while and see if there's a hair of a chance that we'll get some rain. I'll let you know how that goes. Any ideas for dinner? Something with about a 1 minute prep time?

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