Sunday, June 1, 2008

Random Rambles and Ravings

Just in case you are thinking - and rightfully so - that the correct phrase is Mood Swings, I'll explain. Muse Swings, being a play on words is the title I have set aside for my book of poetry, if I should ever publish. That's all. My poetry runs in every direction of emotion and thought. Sometimes it rhymes, usually not. It's usually secular, but sometimes religious in nature. I'll post one every once in a while. I posted one earlier today. It's hot off the presses and the idea and a few of the lines came to me on the way to breakfast this morning. I was watching the clouds for signs of rain and it just turned into a poem. I always keep 3X5 cards with me in case of a sudden inspiration. Usually the inspiration is just another to-do list or grocery list. Today I got lucky. Read the poem if you wish. it's just below this post.

I've been learning as I go with this blog, adding features such as the Google search spot. Now, if you get bored over here in my blog you can easily move on to something else.

I think I have succeeded in making the comments spot easier to use. If you've wanted to leave comments but found it too difficult to bother with you may be able to do so now. Let me know.

I've invited AdSense to place ads on my blog, some of which may interest you. I also get reports from AdSense that show how many times each day someone stops by to read the blog. I got 248 hits for the 11 blogs I posted in May! It is very exciting to go in and check and find that someone is actually reading this! Cool!

The Wanna be Hermit sub-title comes from a deep seated penchant for hanging out by myself (and the Mister and the dog) at home and being content doing just that. I've always been a hermit at heart. Between working most of my life, and having a wonderful family and lots of great friends my hermit days are sparse. Few people actually get to do be hermity and those who succeed are often talked about, sometimes feared and often spooky. Like Boo Radley in "To Kill a Mocking Bird."

The joblessness I refer to now and then is what I am right now. I've had a succession of jobs since 2001 when I was laid off from a large corporation with which I had many years of service. I've been laid off or quit several jobs since and late last year I was FIRED from a job I loved. FIRED. YIPES. I'm searching for a new position, but at the same time, I was so traumatized by my last experience that I'm having a hard time with self-confidence and motivation and I'm trying to figure out how to just retire. I mentioned in an earlier post that it's most desirable to retire in such a way that you don't outlive your money. That's key. Unless you don't mind going on a forced diet and skipping shoe sales for the rest of your life. I like both. And then some. Anyway, I'll let you know how it goes. It'll go faster once I get over my post-traumatic stress syndrome and quit dreaming about my last boss. He's scarier than Boo Radley. Boo Radley didn't lie through his teeth and abuse people emotionally. And get away with it. Boo was a hero.

Enough said about that or I'll have to take a pill and go to bed.

In the mean time, I'm enjoying my time off and finding things to keep myself off the streets and out of trouble. Most of the time. Thanks for stopping by to read my rantings on any available subject! Oh and by the way - I fixed the church program. We did not sing "Heard it Through the Grapevine" this morning. More later!

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