Sunday, November 30, 2008

Things That Have Exploded On Me

Nuked Egg Explosion

I've been involved in a couple of major explosions during my otherwise uneventful life, and lacking anything of an intelligent nature to discuss today, I thought I would share these two near death (at least to my pride) experiences.

Explosion Numero Uno: The first occasion of an exploding object was the nuclear egg incident that occurred shortly after I was put in the same room with a microwave oven for the very first time. Back when this happened, these were new fangled machines that were treated with a high amount of suspicion. Very few people actually owned one - certainly not I. I always liked new things to hang out on the market for a while. See if they were deemed dangerous, health hazards or just another bunch of expensive smoke and mirrors. Besides, the first microwaves were about the same size as a refrigerator and only had two speeds; On and Off. I decided to wait until they added a 3rd speed; popcorn.

This microwave was in the break room at my office. Until this day I had only walked wide circles around it and watched in awe as people put things in it and took them out, tested them with a finger and said Ouch!

This particular day I had a hard boiled egg in the office fridge. It had not been stolen by lunch time so I thought if I just heat this up for a few seconds I will not freeze to death from the inside out. I had heard it's not a good idea to hard boil an egg in a microwave, but this one was already cooked. I removed the shell, set it on a plate, set the timer to 15 seconds and let her rip. I then removed the egg from the oven and proceeded to walk to a table a few steps from the microwave. All of a sudden I get the eerie feeling that something is going on with this egg. It seemes to be rumbling inside and expanding on the outside and sort of bouncing on the plate. Nanoseconds later, before I had time to process any of this shape shifting egg information there was a loud bang. LOUD! BAM! Ear shattering. Sonic. Like someone had just shot a gun off right next to my ear. As soon as I regained my senses, I looked down on the plate, and the egg was g-o-n-e-gone. Magic! I looked about me and saw pieces of egg EVERYWHERE; attached to the ceiling, lights, chairs, tables, wall, my hair, my face, clothing, shoes.. You get the picture. I did what any good break room mess maker would do - I slipped out the side door and went to Taco Bell. Needless to say, I don't even keep eggs in the same room as the microwave. I store them at my neighbor's house.
Sitting Duck Target at oh-800

Explosion Numero Dos: The next incident occurred while I was minding my own business, sitting out on my deck in Michigan, enjoying a beautiful Indian Summer Day. I looked up to see a skein of Canadian Geese flying across the sky towards me. Beautiful birds flying in a perfect V right over head. What a treat!

Just as goose #4 flew over the roof of my house, I noticed he had a little bombardier door that was opening on his nether areas. I was transfixed, mouth open, as a green golf ball emerged, fell gracefully and then hit the very edge of the eves trough just over my head. I closed my mouth and eyes as the green golf ball made contact with an interesting hollow bonking noise and broke into 80 kabillion pieces. It showered my entire being with minuscule smatterings of goose poop. Green flickity flack don't want to know what he's been eating goose droppings. All over my well maintained, impeccably groomed self. What treat. The Mister happened to be watching, from a safe spot at the kitchen table. He assisted with the cleanup of my person - but certainly not my ego.


Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Does One Remain Modest and Docile Under These Circumstances?

Vermeer's "Girl With The Plastic Moustache"
(L.L. this painting is not up for "grabs")

Anna Lefler, who sports a moustache and blogs at Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder was kind enough to give me a shout-out on her Thanksgiving Day post! Anna is a humor writer of the 3rd kind and belongs to the coveted Humor Dot Com Bloggers which is akin to being a member of MENSA, The Moose Lodge and the Howdy Doody Secret Decoder Club all in one.

Anna has also been quoted on Blogations ! In her Thanksgiving post, Anna has listed numerous other bloggers that that she follows. The link list will not only give you a good insight into her character, but will allow you to discover bloggers with obscure sanity issues and a boatload of finely honed humor. Stop by and check it out!

Thank you, Anna, I am honored to be placed among these fine bloggists.

Bwahahaha! It's Mine, Mine, All Mine, I tell you!

In other news from around the world, the winner of the 2nd Antiquities Quiz, hosted by Lavinia of The Birdbath Chronicles has been announced. Lavonia's post featured pictures of several items recently reported missing from the Toronto Museum of Swiped Arts. Questions with multiple choice answers were supplied for each item, and bloggers were given the opportunity to test their knowledge. The winner - a magnificent creature - who answered all questions correctly was announced yesterday. It was yer Swinging Muse what won it! Me, me, all me.

Lavinia, when she is not "browsing" about at the Smithsonian, or placing "trinkets" in her Swiss safety deposit boxes, blogs about wonderful aesthetic, artful and Bebberful subjects. She is also available on a moment's notice for any grand adventure that happens to present itself. The prize for this latest Quiz is the lovely graphic of an ancient urn shown above. I will treasure this prize until Interpol comes knocking at my door asking about the original. If you stop by for a dip in the Birdbath, be sure and admire the lovely urn on her patio - the one with the geranium in it. The one with the fern is another story altogether.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The Fine Art Of Introductions

I thought it might be appropriate, considering that I am probably one of few armed with Routledge's Manual of Etiquette (1887), to assist you through the intricacies of polite society during the winter social season. You will soon be receiving numerous invitations and calling cards from friends and acquaintances, and of course you are obligated yourself to host several affairs during the long winter months. These may including teas, dinner parties, soirees, at homes, morning calls, balls, caudles, drums, kettledrums, leevees, matinees and weekends at country estates. Nothing is more abhorrent than committing a faux pas in the presence of polite society, so you would do yourself well to pull up a chair and pay close attention.
I will begin with a quote by another author, only because this one is more likely to incite a riot than any by Routledge.
"High birth and good breeding are the privileges of the few; but the habits and manners of a gentleman may be acquired by all. Nor is their acquirement attended with difficulty. Etiquette is not an art requiring the study of a life-time; on the contrary, its principles are simple, and their practical application involves only ordinary care, tact and sagacity....We are not all equally civilized; some of us are scarcely more than savage by nature and training, or rather lack of training. Yet we all wish to put on the regalia of civilization that we may be recognized as belonging to the guild of ladies and gentlemen in the world." Richard A Wells, A.M.

Let us begin with introductions. This seems to be an important subject among the various authors, as it appears that this is a very serious responsibility, and one must be careful not to impose oneself or one's acquaintances upon the sensibilities of respectable society if one is not of equally high birth and good breeding.
Here are a few basic rules, Cut this out and affix it to your refrigerator with one of your Homer Simpson magnets:
Before introducing:
  • Consider the respectability of each and the likelihood of agreeability of each to the other.
  • Never introduce a male to a female without permission from the lady
  • Always introduce the gentleman to the lady
  • When introducing two people of the same sex, present the inferior to the superior.
  • Never introduce morning visitors who happen to encounter each other in your drawing room.
  • While walking with a friend, if you encounter another person, do not introduce them. You have less right to do so than if they encountered each other at your home during a morning call.
  • A person may not introduce a sibling, parent or other family member if they are inferior to the 3rd party. (that's cold!)
  • Leave it to the mistress of the house to make introductions in her home. Such an introduction carries more authority
  • The hostess may not introduce a gentleman to a lady without first ascertaining the lady wishes to dance. (No man likes to be refused the hand of a lady, though it be only for a quadrille)

While being introduced:

  • Ladies never offer their hand to a gentleman.
  • Limit recognition to each other to a bow
  • Ladies on the Continent, never shake hands with a gentleman

After introductions or not:

  • People who have not been introduced are not acquainted
  • Persons who have met without being introduced should not bow if they afterwards meet elsewhere. A bow implies acquaintance.
  • An introduction given at a ball for the mere purpose of conducting a lady through a dance does not give the gentleman any right to bow to her on a future occasion, If he commits this error, she may remember she is not bound to see or return his salutation.

In addition, if when you enter a drawing room and your name has wrongly been announced, i.e. Moose-Swings, or has passed unheard in the buzz of conversation, make your way at once to the mistress of the house, if you are a stranger, and introduce yourself by name. This should be done with the greatest simplicity and your rank made as little of as possible.

So, that said, if you are taking a friend along to an affair and you feel their stature is such that they should not be introduced, just let them know ahead of time that they are too ill bred for introductions and they are to sit quietly in the parlor with the chaperons and may not partake of any refreshments other than perhaps tea and a biscuit. But just one biscuit - without frosting or sprinkles on it. They are not to make crumbs or otherwise make a spectacle of themselves. Let them hold your coat and hat if no provisions for such have been made by the hostess. Tell them they are responsible for flagging down a hansom cab just prior to the end of the soiree so you don't have to stand out in the cold night air in your new velvet wrap. Tell them you'll be back in just a few hours, after you have dined and danced all of the quadrilles on your dance card.

Over the next several weeks I shall be posting additional information about proper etiquette to carry you through the Winter Season. Sit up a little straighter in that chair next time, and bring some light work with you such as tatting or knitting. Idle hands, you know...

Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Time To Give Thanks

If you listen carefully to America on Thanksgiving Day you will hear in the east, where it all began, the starting of the day. Ovens opening, dishes taken down from the cupboard, glasses tinkling, silverware pulled from drawers. And then the scents of sage and thyme, turkey roasting, pies baking, and sounds again of doors opening to family, friends and neighbors. Next the exclamations as browned turkeys are set to table, the quiet rustle of napkins unfolding, the please and thank you's of passed dishes, the talking and laughter. And then, at the appointed hour, a pause, a silence and it begins; the reason for the day moves like a wave across this land from ocean to ocean in homes, and halls, and at tables set for those who have none. It rolls from east to west as the sun moves and brings the hour to each city, town and place. We each pause in turn to say Thank You Lord for this food, this day, this family, these friends, for gaining, maintaining, sustaining, remaining. Thank you Lord. Thank You!

Today and always I am thankful for my family and friends and most certainly for all of my dear bloggy buddies in all the places you live.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His name. For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations. Psalm 100: 4-5

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and pass the turkey, please!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Gathering of Friends

My Small Group Bible Study friends aka my Bible Posse met after completing our study of Paul's Letter to the Romans. (L-R) Margie, Cristie, Camille, Cynthia and Linda stopped for dessert and coffee and the beginning of saying goodbye to Margie, and a time of change for all of us. Margie is going west, to a new life in Nevada.
We will begin again after the new year, less one who has so much to contribute and share. We wish you well, Margie, and we thank God for having shared you with us for a while!
I, the Lord, do not change. Malachi 3:6

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yeah, I'm Home For The Holidays All Right: Cleaning.

I couldn't come out to play yesterday - I was doing some of the pre holiday cleaning. All day. Hands and Knees stuff with a toothbrush.

Took care of the cobwebs. Although I could spray paint them gold and hang Christmas cards from them....
Speaking of cards, do your organized friends flaunt their skills and send out their Christmas cards on December 2nd? Show off's. Takes away from the whole spirit of the holiday, doesn't it? They might as well write "nah nah nah NAH nah nahhhhh!" in the thing. Merry Christmas my a%#. But I digress.

Did some window washing.

Scrubbed the floors.


While I retrieved dust bunnies from under the bed, Lucy the dog was licking me on the head and Layla the dog was laying on the bed, on my pillow, cleaning her nether areas.

The Mister, on the other hand, read a book. And took a nap. He likes to "stay out of my way." I know for a fact he finished that book last night and he should be pretty well rested, don't ya think, so I have his "to-do or else" list ready to roll.
Soon as he gets out of bed.
'Scuse me while I go test the smoke alarms...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Only Four More Sleeps Until Turkey Day!

This picture may explain why the fresh turkey I ordered from Ladyslipper Free Range Poultry Farms Ltd. has not been delivered yet. It's ok though because I have a 23 pounder in the freezer. Note to self: Take it OUT of the freezer TODAY!





We will have the standard delicious need-a-nap-later fare: Roast Turkey basted with sage butter, bread stuffing (which is basically the same recipe that my Mom and Grandmother made with celery, onions, parsley. sage and thyme), mashed potatoes with 23 gallons of gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, corn and another veggie side dish (usually green bean casserole) and p-u-m-p-k-i-n pie with whipped cream on top. Hoowah!

I've served several versions of everything through the years and this one seems to be the combination that everyone prefers.

I like the dark meat the best. It's MINE, MINE all MINE. Keep yer mitts off that drumstick. At least it once was all mine. The Mister always liked white meat. One year, he must have gotten knocked in the head because out of the blue he starts piling dark meat on his plate and he says "Oh yes I am too having dark meat. I've always liked it." So, I have this turkey main lining competitor for the best part of the bird. I may have him hypnotized before next Turkey Day.

Our long time friends Sue and Bill will have dinner with us. Sue is making the veggies and the pies. I choose my guests carefully - it's all about who likes white meat.

So, five for dinner and a 23 lb. turkey. You do the math.

What are you having? What are your favorites? Do you like dark meat? (answers to this last question will determine future guest lists)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Benefits For The Unemployed

Marie, I borrowed these cards from you, hope you don't mind. Free is so much better than 1/2 price.

Cool - I was browsing through the closet here in my officette and found the Christmas cards I bought at half price last year. Now all I have to do is round up enough $$ for stamps. The Mister suggested I send them collect. I thought I might stamp them with a note saying C.O.D. Do you think the post office will fall for that? Do you think my relatives will fall for that?

Dis here card is from Moose Swings. Cost me 43 cents. I sent Leggs out to "talk" to her.

I have something interesting to do today. Sparky will be proud of me. I'm volunteering at the 6th Annual Bike Fest in downtown Palm Harbor. Do you think I'll blend?

Gimme two. I'm only gonna pay you cuz you look like such a wimp.

Don't want no one fainting on my Harley.


So I gotta go and find something inspiring to wear. If I'm not back by 6:30, tell the Mister to come looking for me I'll stand out like Holly Hobby in a coven. Easy to spot: Cinnamon cashmere sweater, coach bag, single strand pearl necklace with matching studs. Cole Hahn boots and a sticker on my shirt that says "Don't be mean to me. I faint easily."

In the meantime, here's something I posted back in June when I had 1 loyal reader and daily comments averaged 0.10032. It's a kaleidoscope (click here) You can also see who my one loyal reader was. She ain't so loyal anymore, always blaming me for credit card thefts and emerald heists, but I'll be making lots of new pals at the bike fest today, heh heh heh....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Time to Check Those Toothies!

Dr. Balderdash, would you tell my sister to get out of here. I hate her guts.
I had to go to the dentist today to get my permanent retainer bonded back into position. I didn't admit to any wrong doing. I just eluded to the fact that it is possible I may have snarfed down a pound or two of Bit-O-Honeys during the long and treacherous Halloween Candy Season. This was the first time I have had a problem with the retainer in the 13 years I've been trying to speak without lisping around it.

Nine out of 10 dentists $ecretly love it when you eat Bit-O-Honey$

I decided, around 1995, that I was tired of the way my two front teeth overlapped slightly. I was not getting the same response from fashion mags and the movie industry as Ali McGraw, so I made an appointment with an opthomologist and got my eyes checked to make sure I was

The look worked for me, honey , but then you ain't me now are you?

correct in my assumption about my teeth. I then, at the tender age of 50 something, made an appointment with the orthodontist. His office was cool - if you were 13. The 8 dentist chairs were set in a circle around the central work station and the Dr. could go from one patient to another with chairs filling and emptying behind him. There were built in sofas around the perimeter and a vast array of video games to play while we waited.

While waiting my turn on the merry-go-round I'd look in vain for a copy of Vogue or Reader's Digest. Then I'd give up and play Space Worms Rule The Universe instead, never making it past the first level. The nurse eventually would peer over her glasses and call my name. I'd get to go sit in one of the chairs surrounded by glaring 13 year olds. Whenever Nurse Brunhilda wasn't looking I'd hiss "Whatcha staring at you little misanthrope? I got teeth too ya know." The little Alfred E. Newman look alike would suddenly pretend there was something important under his fingernail. Later he would scurry out, pulling on his mother's arm and whispering, "Ma, what's a miz...ah...mi....miz-ant-ropee?"

It didn't take long to get my teeth back in order. I followed some of the directions most of the time and I graduated from the orthopteran - I mean Orthodontist- at about the same time I graduated from college. What?! Okay, some of us are a bit late on the upswing, but I eventually get things done. About the time I paid my last installment I noticed a new little sign above the nurse's desk that said:

misanthrope - n. One who hates or mistrusts his fellow men.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blog Of The Day

I was rendered speechless (if that were possible with me) to find a new comment on the Grape Escape post telling me that I had been nominated and chosen for the Best Blog of the Day award!
I know that one of my bloggie friends nominated my post for this award, but I don't know who so I will thank you, whoever you might be, from the bottom of my pea pickin' heart.
I have an idea about that and will see if I can confirm this suspicion so that I may thank you properly. This is a wonderful surprise and honor!
I was not aware of the Blog of the Day site until today. It is a place where we can all nominate our favorite blogs - or even our own - for this award. Click on the award to find out more about how you may nominate yourself or others! What a nice opportunity to acknowledge our favorite blogs!
The following proclamation comes with this award:
Best Blog Awards
Best Blog of the Day Awards offers the best selection of weblogs and famous blogs on a variety of topics. Selection of Best Blogs of the Day is usually done a few days ahead of time based on nominations up to that point. Criteria include content, quality, creativity, and the personal opinion of the judges. Judges grant up to four awards each day in recognition of outstanding nominees who are recommended by visitors to the site and by a panel of judges who bestow the honor of a Daily Blog Award upon the recipients. Being named a Blog of the Day Awards Winner can be the crowning achievement of a lifetime of work or it can be the beginning of a new chapter in the life of a blogger. Presentation of these awards can bring acclaim and notoriety beyond their wildest imaginings. The accolades and praise heaped upon winners of these prestigious awards can be best described as fabulous and the stuff of legends. We don't care what blog hosting platform your weblog is hosted on. We want the best blogspot blogs, the best wordpress blogs, the best typepad blogs and so forth. If you know a weblog that should be nominated for these Daily Weblog Awards or if your own blog seems to be a likely candidate for the prize, nominate it by submitting a comment to the most recent award post.

Thank you,

Blog of the Day Awards Judges and Staff


I am speechless and ecstatic and lying on my Dr. West Fainting Couch with a cold compress and my smelling salts. ( and a large goblet of the Dom Perignon I lifted from Lavinia's apartment in Rome.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Lemons Here - Got Lemonade!

Soulbrush gave me this lovely award today! What a nice way to start a day! Soulbrush's wonderful blog is artful and wonderful and fascinating. I love her artwork and look forward to a new surprise each day. Thank you so much, Soulbrush! This looks as refreshing and delicious as a well made glass of lemonade!

There do not appear to be any rules with this award, so I invite any reader who would like to accept this award to do so with my compliments. Don't be shy - this means YOU! Enjoy! I certainly will.

I finally made my way home from the Grape Escape in the wee hours of the morning. What a fantastic fun day that was. I've been lying here almost all day on my sofa with a cold compress on my head and my feet elevated. If you missed out on the fun, just scroll down to yesterday's post where I have listed all of the contributors aka partners in crime who spent the day in Rome. The many comments on each of the blogs are a hoot! Check them out.

Thank you all so much for making this another exciting and blogatious blogadventure! Many visitors joined in the fun, and traveled off to the other participating bloggy friends. I got a few "slow report due to heavy traffic" messages as I attempted to move about and post comments. Thank you again to everyone who participated and visited! What a day!

It's cool here in Florida! Should go down to the low 40's tonight. I moved a few of my orchids indoors - mostly the miniatures and a few that are just about ready to bloom. I'm pretty sure the rest will be okay. I seem to have a good feel for when to bring them indoors. I've not lost any due to the cold. At least not so far.....

I'm no fashion statement at home, but I at least try to coordinate colors and styles in case, say, a meter reader or a salesperson stops by or someone runs through the back yard while being chased by the alligator, or I get a phone call. The Mister, on the other hand has traded out his summer getup for a conglomeration that I'd prefer not to describe lest you wonder about my own sanity. This morning I asked him if his outfit was bothering his eyes, because it sure was hurting mine. I make sure I'm the one to venture out to get the mail and take the dogs out. At least until dark.

That's mainly the reason I was using a cold compress today - the outfit - not the 10 gallons of wine and 42 pastries I enjoyed in Rome yesterday.

The Sun Sets On The Grape Escape

Grazie, grazie, grazie!
Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!
Esso era meraviglioso!
It was wonderful!
Buona notte tutto!
Good night everyone!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Grape Escape! It's Today!

Buongiorno! It is 4:00 am! Time to get out of bed and come along to the Muserino Vineyards! I have sent Vincenzo to fetch you in the pony cart. There is soooo much to do! My vineyard workers have gone to Salerno for some crazy holiday. I have tons of grapes to be picked and stomped and stuffed in a barrel. Come along. This will be so...uhm...educational. And Yeah, that's the ticket, fun. More fun than a barrel of wine. What? Barrel of what, Stevie? Monkeys? Don't be so analytical. Now hop hop hop out of those beds! Go go go!

You will each be issued: One sun bonnet, a goatskin full of spring water, a step ladder and a pair of grape shears. Cut the grapes carefully at the stem and place in basket. And don't be squashing them.

This is what grapes look like on the vine. No, Lavinia, they do not just come in plastic bags. You have to pick them.

You just pick up your ladder and your basket and follow the path. Then pick pick pick. The building in the center is the rest room. Good luck finding it. No sleeping on the job either! And don't eat the grapes. Pick pick pick until the lunch bell rings.

Giovanni will be looking in on you to make sure you are working. No slacking. Pick pick pick! The lunch bell will ring promptly at 1:oo. Giovanni will show you the way out. Don't try it on your own!

If you get thirsty, just holler for Mario. He'll be right along with a little something to pick you up so you can pick pick, pick.We'll have a delicious antipasto for lunch. Wait - are THOSE BEETS ON THE PLATE? YOU KNOW I HATE BEETS? What? Ohhhh, salammmmmi. Great. I can deal with that. I'm glad I didn't have to shoot another cook. I hate beets. Sorry for the outburst, but I'm all tuckered out from sitting here on the veranda watching you pick grapes all morning.

Here, eat this, it will make you feel better.
Have some more wine. And eat up, we've got some grape stomping to do.
Dump these grapes in that big vat over there.

This is the proper method for stomping grapes. Do it just like this and we should be done by 3:00. What? Still don't know how? Such city slickers! Okay, okay, I have a video clip for you: CLICK HERE
Now take your shoozies off and jump in the vat.

Okay, 1 2 3! Stomp stomp stomp! That's it. Pick the pace up a bit. Stomp stomp stomp! Squish 'em up good.

Now all you have to do is fill a few barrels. No, not ALL of them. Just the ones down the middle. The ones on the sides? Oh, that wine is ready for bottling. Shouldn't take but an hour or so.

Now see what you've done? Lovely! Try a glass! While you're enjoying your wine I'll hand out these lists of things to do and see today for the Grape Escape! Now rinse your tootsies off and enjoy the rest of your day with these great Grape Escapees:
Just click on each name for a wonderful trip through Rome!
Lavinia my co-grapespirator
If I've missed anyone please just leave me a comment and I'll add you to the list
Click on each name on the list for a wonderful adventure! A Great Escape to Rome. Ciao!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

On My Way To The Grape Escape

Just got off the phone with Lavinia. Everything is ready for tomorrow! I'm on my way. Thought I'd take the train. I'll have to sit out here all night though because I have just trunks and trunks of clothes in the stateroom. Like my bathing suit? Think I'll wear it while stomping grapes at the Muserino Vineyard. Wash your tootsies, Bloogiebuddies! We've got wine to make!

I brought these... I hate to go anywhere without them! You don't think I'm showing off do you? I turned them into salt and paper shakers. They're very useful now.

Sleep tight and get ready for a fun day! See you there! Ciao!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Millicent's Mullet

The mullet is not just a hairstyle of the 1990's:

Boiled peanuts anyone?

We Endeavored to Watch the Endeavor - And Did!

Last night at about 7:50 I rounded up the flashlight and the Mister and turned the TV to the local news station. The live pre liftoff countdown was in progress and all systems were go for the Space Shuttle Endeavor at Cape Canaveral.
It was already quite dark out, and a beautiful full moon was rising above the tree line to the east. I used the flashlight to make a lighted path in front of my feet. This is Florida, after all, and things slither and creep and scritch ( oh, sorry, that's the Mister scritching in his sandals) and plop loudly into the pond. One must take care that one's pedicured toes are not headed directly for the resident alligator or the black racer snake that one has gingerly directed from the lanai to the great outdoors on several occasions using the fully (and I do mean fully) extended pool skimmer to assist said snake in choosing the proper path back to the garden. He's just lucky I don't own a gun.
S'cuse me, lady, is that a 357 magnum?
By the time I made it to the very edge of the pond, and searched the area around my toes for things that go creep in the night and searched the pond to see what just made that giant splash, the Mister, who was monitoring the TV said "We have Liftoff" and came out to join me in the yard. Lift Off under a full moon
Cape Canaveral, the home of Endeavor, is on the East coast of Florida. It's 156 miles nearly due east of us. We've managed to watch several of the shuttles climb into space. It takes about a minute and a half after lift off for the rockets to climb high enough for us to see it.
It was rather spectacular last night! We could see the orange flames from the booster rockets just as it came into view above the tree line. The flames turned to a bright white as it arced over the horizon. It disappeared from sight as it crossed the bright full moon and then reappeared on the other side looking like a bright moving star.
This picture looks very much like what we saw except that, in the picture, the large white ball is the endeavor and the small while ball is the full moon. This picture was taken just a few miles from the Cape. What we saw was just the opposite - The large bright light was the full moon and the smaller object the shuttle.
We have often experienced the double sonic booms the shuttles make as they pass over our coast on their way back to the Cape. It can be rather dramatic at times with door wall windows making a noticeable inward bulge and us looking all big eyed at each other until we realize that we have just heard the shuttle coming home.
The mission includes installing bathrooms on the space station. Coincidentally, some of the members of my church are on a mission of their own, in Costa Rica for 10 days, to install a bathroom. They have been in contact with a very small church located on an unpaved road. The church has no parking lot, sidewalk or bathrooms - other than an outbuilding. The government is requiring all churches, no matter the size, to install indoor bathrooms with wheelchair access to the government's specifications. If not completed, the church must close.
The team is going to do just that, and with the help of donations, will also hire - and pay -local workers to assist them with the work. It is a very poor area where most live by sustenance farming. The finished bathrooms will be far nicer and sturdier than the church itself and certainly better than any the local population is used to.
Please pray for the safety and success of both missions to install bathrooms!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Grape Escape Reminder!

Caio Amici!
The Grape Escape to Rome is just 3 sleeps from now! Monday the 17th is the day to join in the fun and post anything Italian. Click on the invitation to read more about the Grape Escape and to leave a comment if you will be posting from Rome on the 17th
On Monday I will list everyone who will be posting. If you don't see your name on the list just leave a comment on my Monday post - say Me TOO! and I'll add you to the list.
The event lasts all day and evening to accommodate all schedules and time zones. Visitors to our posts are encouraged to visit everyone on the list and to join in the fun by leaving comments.
Amici di buona notte. Vedilo il Lunedì! (Good night my friends. See you on Monday!)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This Blog Is Bloomin' With Awards To Share!

Sparky, who has a wonderful blog of her own has bestowed this wonderful Premio Dardos Award to my blog. It's beautiful! Reminds me I should have a drink. Thank you so much!
This award is given for recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing...that's the general idea.
The rules of this award are as follows: show the image of the award on your blog, link back to the blog that gave the award, and nominate 15 other blogs that you consider deserving the same.
The only difficulty in awarding 15 bloggers is I know there will be duplication - which to me is not really a problem at all - it is such a great compliment to receive an award from several bloggers! Also, the list of blogs I follow is ever expanding. There so many really great folks out there doing wonderful and imaginative things with their blogs that limiting to "just" 15 can be difficult.
Here goes:
Lavinia Ladyslipper
Nanny ( as in Goats with Panties)
Auntie Mim
Blicky Kitty
Sea Angels
Water Blossoms
Please take your award, post it on your blog, and enjoy!
I would also like to bestow a Blog In Bloom Award to several bloggy buddies who have wonderful blogs that just bloom with art, originality, creativity beauty, humor, fun and bring joy to those who read them. If you have not visited these bloomin' blogs, be sure and stop by! They are all listed in the margin of my blog, and you can pop over from there!
I received this wonderful award from Blicky Kitty a few days ago! At the time I acknowledged it I did not bestow the award - these things take some thought! - especially since there are so many truly superior scribblers out there!
I would like to share the award with Pamela Terry of the House of Edward for her wonderfully well written poetic and beautiful posts. It is always such a pleasure to visit Pamela's blog. The rules for this wonderful award can be found HERE. I've noticed this award popping up on several of my other favorite blogs. Congratulations, Pamela and to everyone else out there who has received this!