Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Good the Bad and the Muggy

This isn't me in the picture- just my new nightie:

Good Stuff:

Nephew Patrick who spent 3 days in the hospital with a lacerated spleen (Ouch!)was released today and sent home to recuperate! Not sure how he managed that one - wasn't hit while playing paintball, didn't have a major automobile accident - or even a minor one, didn't misstep during a rumba on Dancing with the Stars or sky dive into a forest. None the less, it happened - but he's healing!

I woke up to rain at 4:30 this morning! Got about an inch. Had enough water in the pool to spend time hosing off the lanai (this is the muggy part, but well worth the effort)

I enjoyed a yummy dinner with Heather and her mom DJ last night at The Melting Pot. It was a Breast Cancer Awareness Ladies Night Out. We had lots of quality time together and ate ourselves into a stupor. And then we had desert - a Banana's Foster fondue with wonderful tidbits for dipping. I can't describe it further without drooling on the keyboard so I'll just say it was eye-fluttering good! And all for a very good cause. Heather's grandmother is a 2 time survivor and my sister Mary is a survivor and has passed the 5 year mark. Get those mammograms ladies! Don't forget those self-exams! Think Pink!

Good stuff on the news today: 406 people were arrested in a nationwide mortgage fraud sting. Hope one of the was the person who "bought" the house next door. Todd - I hope you're in cuffs. 2 guys from Bear Sterns did the perp walk today for defrauding investors, and the Navy has to rethink it's contract with a European company and perhaps rebid it (hellooooo) to an American company.

Bad Stuff:

Not much of this, just trying to get my latest order from Soma (the ladies intimates part of Chico's). I ordered a night gown, a bra and 2 pairs of britches on 6/2. When the order came, only the gown was in the box. I called, got a credit then a recharge for the other 3 items. Today the order came - only the britches were in the box. No bra. So I called again, got a credit and a recharge and found out the price had gone down to $16! So I added one more bra to the order and got them to agree to a two day turn-around.

I've been ordering from for several years now, and have never had a problem. Not sure what is going on at the warehouse, but I'd suggest a bit of quality control. I'll have no problem ordering from them again. Everything usually arrives within 2-3 days, it fits well and they have great sales. I'm a Passport member, having spent a bundle there so I get free shipping and an extra 5% off my orders. Good deal. If you have trouble finding jeans that fit try Chico's. They use a realistic amount of fabric and have room to breath in their slacks and jeans. No laying on the bed to get the zippers up! Oh, and that night gown is fabulously comfortable!

Sad Bad news: My animated oregano plant croaked. After being stomped on by a deer, flipped upside down by a squirrel, nosed around by an armadillo and spiraled into the air by an egg laying turtle, it decided to just give up. It's dead as a doornail and all brown and crunchy, so I don't think it's going to revive itself.

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