Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting My Clock Fixed

I asked the Mister to fix my clock. He thought he had died and gone to heaven. He's been wanting to do that for 38 years. I actually meant he should fix the wall clock he gave me for our 1st anniversary. It chimes 1 too many times each hour. I don't feel like trying to figure that one out. Besides I killed a spider this morning rather than interrupt his sleep, so he owes me one. He owes me millions actually but we won't go into that right now.

So much for our open door policy discussed in a previous post. I locked the Mister out of the house twice in the last 24 hours. Not on purpose. Honest! Just because I am so used to locking the door wall when I come inside, I neglected to take into consideration that he is outside. Man, you would have thought I ate the last ice cream sandwich or something. I have been instructed NOT to lock the door when I come in. He'll be sorry when people just come wandering in aimlessly.

I've accidentally locked Layla the dog out on the lanai on occasion. That's because she's so quiet (unlike the Mister with his assortment of bodily noises). I notice Layla's missing right away because she hangs around with me all the time. I go over to the door and look out. She's looking in at me- similar to how I imagine God looked at Adam and Eve wearing those fig leaves. I let her in and she acts like she was away from home for 15 years. I act like she was too. After 2 treats and a Dixie cup full of water she generally gets over it. I offered the Mister a Dixie cup full of water after I locked him out for the second time and he told me where I should put it. Tch.

It's starting to thunder quite loudly, and I love storms, but I have a fear of turning my computer into a paperweight, so I'm signing off - Our weather radio just came on too, so I'm thinking this is a good move. Catch you later! While I'm gone you can make your own Picasso style picture:

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