Friday, August 15, 2008

Victory is spelled G-O-L-D

I had another quick chat with Lu Shanzhen last night. I'm afraid that my timing was bad - I called him while Yang Yilin was on the balance bar. His phone rang and she teetered 3/10ths of a pt. I may have cost her the silver. Sorry. I told him I thought she did really well and her outfit is so cute.
I also told him that the most experience the average American has with any balance exercises are when they are stopped for a suspected DUI. I suggested that if the gymnasts were required to touch their fingers to their nose and recite the alphabet backwards during their routines more people could identify with the sport.
Despite some shady scoring during the balance beam exercises, our women took gold and silver, Nastia Liukin the gold and Shawn Johnston the silver. The bronze was awarded to Yang Yilin despite my bad timing with the phone call and her being up way past her afternoon nap time.
I happened to wander through the living room this afternoon while women's volleyball was on. One team had the word "Bra" on their sports bras. It didn't say "shorts" on their shorts or "shoes" on their shoes, so I asked the Mister why their bras said Bra on them. He said it's because they're the Brazil team. Huh. I would have maybe used BRZ or BZL, but Bra?
Anyway, I told Lou if I was ever in China I'd look him up. He said that the Chinese Embassy would probably be looking me up about the phone call and also about the interview I posted earlier this week.


Sweet Repose said...

Screw Lou...better watch out for Fay. Me Mum is off to Walmart for the extra munchies, water and batteries...oh yes and the vodka(medicinal purposes only) can never be too safe!

Let's hope for a quick landfall, take lots of pics (before and after) safe.


MuseSwings said...

Hi Sharon!
I'll be going out for munchies today. I've got plenty of vodka, but I'll need some tonic water and fresh limes, oh and some of those little umbrellas for my drinks.

Me too, Lou!