Friday, August 22, 2008

Another Gray Day! Go Away Fay!

Aargh! Another gray day. Thanks to Fay. She just won't go away. Fay, you gotta make room for the other three storms out in the Atlantic.

Here's my prediction on the next three: 1 will go into the Gulf of Mexico, 1 will twirl around in the Atlantic for a while and then dissipate and 1 will head toward the Georgia, Carolina coast.
11:00 PM update: The weather person on the 11:00 news agrees with 2 of my predictions; one to the Gulf of Mexico and one up the Atlantic coast. The third is too far out for a news forcast yet.
I went, probably for the last time, to our "corner store" - the ever convenient Albertson's. Been going for 17 years. Spent a bundle and a good portion of my life in there. Publix bought out Albertson's and they are closing most of the stores. Including mine.
First I thought I'd pick up some eggs:
Well, maybe some Campbell's Chicken Soup for the soul
Ok, then maybe some ice cream. Found some frozen reject instead. Don't want it, whatever it is.
Well, at least the cosmetics are 50% off maybe I'll get a lipstick or something:
Just passing through, lady. Got nothing to check out.
Funny - she didn't ask the ever so irritating question: Did you find everything okay?
We were in Publix earlier in the week and we were asked that question.
I said: No - I don't know where anything is here. I'd like to go to Albertson's but you bought all of them and they ain't got no food in 'em no more.
Ashleigh: How bout that! Gives the bagger a high five.
C: (blink, blink)
Ashleigh: You saved $1.23 cents today.
C: At Albertson's I would have saved $5. because they had all the prices posted. Plus sometimes they gave out stamps for free dishes.
Ashleigh: I hear they kept running out of dishes and no one got any anyway.
C: True. And they were pretty ugly. But at least there was the potential for a freebie. A star to hitch our wagon to, as it were. The dream of something for nothing.....sigh
Ashleigh: Do you need help carrying that bag out to the car?
C: Yes please. I'll need a snack, too. Oh, and a glass of water to drink on the way, please. Your parking lot is so crowded with former Albertson's customers I had to park out in BFE. On second thought, maybe you could just call me a taxi.


Lavinia said...

Do the store shelves really look like that? Wow...resembles cold-war era Russia. I will know to start worrying if I see you wearing a babushka and standing in a breadline for 8 hours.

Seriously, I hope Fay does go away...isn't she like so three days ago? Like a party guest that just...won't...leave....even though you are just about start making breakfast...

I hope the other storms fizzle can always I the only one who is tired of seeing those white whirly things on the weatherman's screen?

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia! You are such a hoot! It does look like a grocery store in cold war Russia doesn't it. Should have worn my babushka and gotten a shot next to the decimated bread display.
Fay's making it rain outside as I type this! Aaargh! The sound of drippy water. I am VERY tired of those twirly things, but it looks like they're just begining to set up a tin soldier parade that will last through the end of October.

steviewren said...

Cynthia, please make Fay go away. She is ruining my 1st Florida vacation in over 10 years!

MuseSwings said...

Steviewren there is absolutely no excuse for Fay's behavior. She is no lady. A lady always knows when it's time to leave. I am very sorry about your gray rainy windy vacation! Hurricane season only lasts half a year - can you stay till the end of November?

Queenie said...

They haven't mentioned Fay over here which is unusual, the weather folk blame what ever is going off your side of the pond for our unpredictable weather...
Gosh that store, unbelievable, thanks for popping over it was great to see you.

Sandy said...

hahahah, your posts are always so funny....

loved it.

MuseSwings said...

Queenie! Thank you for stoppong by as well! Maybe this one's not being blamed for your weather because Fay isn't moving very fast and insists on gluing itself to Florida. You'll have several more chances before the season is over!
I'll be back to visit you - very interesting blog!

Sandy! As always, thank you for laughing at my stuff! This only ebcourages me. you know....