Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I've Just Had The Loveliest Day Ever! Thank You Everyone!

A beautiful and delicious party favor from Janeen!

I've just had the loveliest day ever! What a wonderful day and what delicious treats everyone made. I've never in my life had more cups of tea than I did today! I suspect I will be awake all night, but I'll just spend my time making a journal of the day. (I filled my handkerchief with a few fancy sugar cubes and fairy cakes and scones in case I get a bit peckish around 3:00am.

The wonderful treats, pictures, music poetry and delightful imagination were provided by
Lavinia Ladyslipper of the Birdbath Chronicles
Steviewren from a little birdie told me so
Poetikat of Poetikats Invisible Keepsakes
Trish from Nana's Living the Dream
Janeen of Chachaneen
Kalianne from Bygone Beauty

It was such fun visiting with everyone today. I finally made my exit a short time ago. I've decided to just put my feet up and save the dishes for the morning.

As I write my journal entry later tonight I have only to look at my tea gown to remember the details of all the wonderful things I ate: There's a bit of lemon curd on my right sleeve. On the left is a smidgen of currant jelly, on the skirt I managed to drop a little chocolate, some pink icing from that little piggy fairy cake, a bit of clotted cream, a drop or two of tea, and some raspberry jam. There's a shrimp stuck just below the knee and a bit of a grass stain from Lavinia's garden at the hem. Oh, and the wee spot on my right shoulder? Remember that cute little bird that greeted us at Stevie Wrens? Well, I shouldn't have stood directly under it.

I usually don't make such a mess of myself, but there were well over 100 people in the tiny tea cottage, and well... it's so difficult to balance a tea cup and a plate of scones and cakes and candies and well, you understand, I'm sure.

I just want to thank everyone who participated and everyone who took time to visit with all of us today. We'll have to do this again!

If you missed visiting with anyone, I'm sure they won't mind you taking a peek. Just click on their names listed in this post, or their blogs listed in "my bonnie blog list" in the right margin.

Thank you again! It was just a delightful day!


Lavinia said...

Cynthia, wasn't that a party! It was superb, and I had a great time along with everyone else. You out-did yourself, with all the goodies...especially the shrimp and the chocolate tulips. Sorry about your gown, but I know your laundry prowess will fix it in a jiffy. See you at the next party!~

MuseSwings said...

It certainly was fun, Lavinia! The Tea of Teas! Yes, my laundry prowess....I'm sending it out to be laundered. Thanks for your wonderful party day post!

Poetikat said...

Cynthia, Thanks so much for inviting me! It was a lovely event.

I enjoyed the shrimp so much and although I didn't get to eat the little piggie (Lavinia!), I enjoyed it all immensely!

Your dress does look frightful! That will teach you for wearing white.

Thanks again!


MuseSwings said...

Poetikat! I'm so glad you enjoyed everything! I love your tea poem!
Next time I will wear something with a bright print - perhaps cabbage roses!

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

That tea gown looks like it had a lot of fun! Thank you for hosting such a great event!

MuseSwings said...

You are welcome, Kalianne! Thank you so much for joining in the fun!

Janeen said...

Once again, that was a lovely tea party and so much fun. Yes, I agree let's do it again! In the Fall season, that would be fun as all the color of the leaves will be changing and pumpkin soup will be on the stove! Oh the pictures we could post! I'm smiling already! You were a wonderful hostess and I hope your dress won't have any memory stains.. when ever I get a stain on something I love that won't come out in the wash, I call it a memory stain because I know exactly where I was and what I spilled on it. ha ha