Friday, August 29, 2008

You Too! Especially You! GET. OFF. THE. PHONE!

This woman is robbing a bank. While on the phone!

Yeah mom, me an Rocco are busy right now. Yeah. Yeah. I know we haven't been over in a while. We're busy. Yeah, I gotta job. Look, I'm right in the middle of something. Do you need any cash? Are c-notes okay? Uh huh. Yeah (Miss you put a dye pack in there I'm gonna shoot you in the foot!) No ma. I ain't at the beauty shop. (Miss, snap it up. I ain't got all day here.) Yeah ma, it's like a customer service job. (Look miss, I said no ones or fives. Just the big stuff.) No, ma I got a lady here uhmm payin' her bill. (Look lady you got one minute) Ma. Yeah, I know you taught me to be polite. Alright ALL RIGHT! (Miss, my ma said to tell you I'm sorry. Now hand me that bag or I'm comin' over this counter to get you) Huh? (Ma told me to say I'm sorry like I mean it. LIKE I'M SORRRREEEE, OKAYYYYY?) Alright ma, I gotta go, I got my hands full. Gotta run. That noise? It's ahh the um... the fire alarm. Gotta get out of the building like now. Bye Ma. Love you too.


Lavinia said...

99% of all things said on a cell phone are a) uneccessary, b)superfluous, c)idiotic, d) lame!

Marie Reed said...

this is an awesome post! hilarious!

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia - from what I've been forced to overhear you are 99% correct. My conversations, of course are always intellectual, informative and ever so important.

Thank you Marie! I cracked myself up with this one.