Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Welcome! Today is an Especial-Tea for You!

I woke up this morning to the scent of tea brewing, scones baking, the clatter of bone china, the sparkle of polished silver, and the rustle of tea gowns! Today is the day of the Especial-Tea for You!

Everyone is invited to see what delightful and delicious things there are to be tasted and tried in the Land of Blog today! Many of my new friends have tea tables waiting for you, special recipes to try, gardens to be investigated and poems to be read.

See what I have prepared for you, and then click on the invitation to find the homes and kitchens and gardens of all the others who are preparing special things for you today. Just look at the comments, then click on their names and you will be transported to tea in many places and time zones. Check through out the day and evening.

I've chosen a vintage Edwardian Tea Gown to wear today. It is make of lawn and is handmade and hand embroidered.

set my tea table with some of my depression glass. The tea table is part of the set of 1920's wicker furniture I have in my sitting room. The furniture belonged to my husbands paternal grandmother.
The silverware is from the set that once belonged to My husband's mother. It was a wedding gift.
The pattern is Adoration and it is embossed with the initial C
I've collected several pieces of pink depression glass. I chose desert plates of many different patterns which include Cambridge, Fostoria, Heisey and others. I like the look of the mismatched pink plates
Let's eat dessert first! We are having chocolate tulips filled with white chocolate mousse topped with chocolate curls and a fresh raspberry. The plate is garnished with kiwi, currants and a tiny white orchid.
I have made a cool summer appetizer of cold shrimp with miso-mayo sauce served with cucumber slices garnished with radishes.
But yes, I think I'll still have that dessert first!
The pretty little tea pot was given to me by my friend Suzanne. It has a little butterfly on the lid.
The tiny sea shell shaped dishes have candies in them, the small glass basket is filled with orchids from my garden and the sugar bowl contains crystallized natural sugar
The cream is poured, the candles are lit. Please sit down and enjoy your time here! Then visit with all of my tea time friends! They are looking forward to seeing you today too!


Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

I feel like Diana Barry at Anne Shirley’s first tea party! Excited, but not sure of my manners or where to begin! Perhaps first a compliment to the hostess. Your Edwardian tea gown is gorgeous and the table setting is extremely agreeable with all your beautiful family heirlooms! Thank you for generous hospitality! May I eat now? The food looks amazing! You don’t by chance have any raspberry cordial? ;)


steviewren said...

Love the dress, love the table, love the food. You've outdone yourself my dear!

Your table setting is fantastic. Pink depression glass is a favorite of my mother's also.

Come on over to my house. I'm still getting ready.

nanatrish said...

You have done a wonderful job with the party and thank you oh so much for the invitation. This is going to be so much fun. Your food looks absolutely delicious. I love your wicker furniture. I hope you don't mind that I am bringing my granddaughter Avery with me. She will be very well behaved and may even play the piano for us while we are waiting for more guests. What a fun event!

Poetikat said...

Hello Ladies! How absolutely delightful, Cynthia! How did you know that I adore shrimp? Watch out ladies, I can make an absolute piggie of myself. (Shh! Don't tell my husband!)

Your table setting is divine, my dear and so welcoming. I wish I could stay for a while, but I'm terribly busy with planning my parents' 50th, don't you know?

Feel free to stop over at my home where I've put up a little ditty about tea, just pour votre plaisir!

Have a lovely day, all!


LL said...

Oh my! Everything is utterly lovely! Dessert first? Capital idea. The pink glass, the butterfly on the teapot, the chocolate tulip, the silver, the elegant setting, the chocolate tulip, the candles, the chocolate tulip...did I mention..the chocolate tulip?

Thanks so much for inviting me...and your gown is just so pretty...

Betsy said...

Wow....that all looks beautiful and inviting! Who wouldn't want a cup of tea and a few tempting treats! :)

Janeen said...

What a lovely table to sit down and enjoy such delicious goodies! Your pink dishes are perfect! This has been so much fun! I can't wait to see everything throughout the day! Have a great day!

Sandy said...

well WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is a beautiful setting. I've already visited a few and they are lovely.

Shellmo said...

Everything is wonderful - the table setting is beautiful and the dessert looks sinfully good!

Anonymous said...

Janet says...sure hope you wore something under that dress ... a little revealing..haha
Great idea there sis

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

Thank you for hosting a most enjoyable tea party. It's been loads of fun!

MuseSwings said...

Ladies! Thank you all for stopping by today! It was so nice to see everyone. You all looked lovely in your tea gowns and the conversation, cakes and tea were delicious.

I visited with everyone and tried all the special cakes, teas and scones you had to offer.

Yes, Janet, I did wear something under that dress - a satin slip and one of those new fangled garments called a bra. Soooo much cooler and far more comfortable than the corsette.
Loved all your frocks and fetching chapeaus!
I'll continue to serve tea through the evening as will the other ladies - so stop by and see what everyone has brought to their lovely tea tables.


steviewren said...

Hi, Cynthia I've returned from work and rushed right over to see what fun I missed today. Is there any of that divine shrimp concoction left. I'm starving! Mind if I sit awhile in your lovely pink chairs and have a bite and a sip? When I've rested a bit I think I will make the rounds and visit all the other girls.

Let's do this again soon! Ta ta

Lavinia said...

Well Cynthia, as I just told nanatrish, its time for me to don my hat and gloves, take my party favour, go around and give everyone a big hug goodbye, and thank you, our splendid hostess, for this terrific tea party. What a great idea you had, and look how it turned out!

I had a wonderful time, as did everyone else.....thank you so much and lets do another one again soon! Big hug goodbye to you....

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia, you are just a stitch! Thank you so much for the hug and for your compliments. This was a fun day, wasn't it? Hugs all around. My shoes are off, my feet are up and I'm thinking I'll do all the dishes in the morning. Another party soon - great idea!