Saturday, August 30, 2008

HELP it's Football Season!

Football season has begun. Football minutes are the opposite of dog minutes. 1 football minute lasts on average 5-7 minutes. So, that means a game of four 15 minute quarters lasts about 3 hours plus the pregame ( I call it the hey Bob interviews) and post game discussions which are enough to make a sane person crazy. Before the game 3 to 4 commentators stand there with bad hairdos holding microphones like giant lollipops and grin and ask each other nit wit questions like:

Hey, Bob, what does Michigan have to do today to win. (Score the most points?????? Could that possibly be the answer?????)

Then post game - it goes like this:

Hey, Bob, why do you think Michigan lost their first game (to Utah) today? (They scored less points????? Could that possibly be the answer?)

Michigan has been playing football for 105 years, you'd think they'd be pretty good at it by now.

Football season lasts from now until the beginning of February. You have the preseason games, the games, the play offs and then 2,536,742.1 bowl games and then the Superbowl. You also have college games and Pro ball games. Before football is over hockey starts and they have so many teams they don't end their season until JUNE. There is no hope. All is lost.

The mister has 645 favorite teams and watches 2 to 3 games at a time. - flipping back and forth to check scores. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years dinners are planned around game times. Tis done. Hope has gone the way of the dodo bird.


Sweet Repose said...

Ahhhh, the life of the single does have some sports!!!


MuseSwings said...

Mebbe I'll pop over to your place on Sunday afternoons ( also Saturdays, Fridays and Mondays) All is lost otherwise.

willow said...

The OSU game was on here yesterday afternoon, but only because our youngest was home from college for the weekend.

Loved your "Hey, Bob" lines!! :)

MuseSwings said...

Thank you Willow! Always nice to have you pop on over to the football hey Bob.. I mean, blog.