Thursday, August 28, 2008

Get Off The PHONE!

It occurred to me yesterday when the zillionth person pulled right out in front of me while they were on the cell phone that we are hopelessly surrounded by people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time, but they think they can drive and talk and drive and text and drive and add new play pals into their address book, but they don't know enough to at least look to the left before they pull out into traffic. Cause it would be too inconvenient! I could go on and on and I'm sure you could too about people who take calls at the movies, in CHURCH, in the examining room, in the dentist chair, during Riverdance, while they're eating dinner with you.... but there's nothing to be done. It's a new rudeness that is here to stay. We are lost. It's over. I'm boycotting my 2,000,000,000 rollover minutes. Please bag them up and roll them over that young snippet in the yellow Mustang. Thank you for your kind attention.

Some phoney observations with my compliments to Flickr for the pictures:

Now, Paw, this here is one of them there cellery phones. If you teach me my numbers I will call for one of them pizza pies.

Hon! Hon! Can ya hear me? I'm at Yellowstone! I think it's gonna blow! I read about it on Muse-Swings so I came right over! I'm just gonna sit here and take a picture of it when it does!
I tell ya, Custer, you're getting on my last nerves! I got 3,000 faithful tribesmen up here with me. We're just over the hill. Go back to the fort this minute or we'll come and show you what for!
Heh heh, I'll believe that when I see it. Our guns are loaded. Show us what you got!

Mine's bigger than yours! I'm at a party but I'd rather talk to my phone friends than people.
I've been on the phone too long, I'm feeling kinda stiff and there are pigeons waiting to attack. Pigeons! I said pigeons! P-i-j-i-n-s. Pigeons!

It's 1960 and they haven't even invented the cell phone yet, but I got one and it's stuck to my ear already. I gotta go. The Beav and Wally haven't checked in yet.

Thee just sit there until I get home! Do thee understand! Don't thee sass me! I'll tell thy father!

That fricken' Sittin Bull just sent me a text message!
Yeah hon gotta call a plumber. There's a bit of water in the basement.

Whoah! Maybe I'll get me a hands free device.

Like this one. It's the cheapest one I could find.


Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I totally agree. When I am looking around here in Atlanta there are lots and lots of people on phones. What did we do before we had them? I have a job that requires a cell phone because it's a 24/7 type job and I have to answer questions at all hours, but, what in the world is everyone talking about? What I really think is creepy is the bluetooth thingy. People will be walking along talking and unless I can see their ear with the phone it looks like they are talking to themselves. I often think someone is speaking to me and start to talk to them when I realize they are on the goofy phone. Maybe we should have a boycott of cell phones for a day. It might be more peaceful. Now I do love to talk, but enough is enough.

Shellmo said...

Had to laugh & agree with your cell phone observations. Too many times people think they are so important! I remember one of my relatives leaving her cell on and TAKING A CALL at my wedding ceremony.

willow said...

FUN-eee!!! And so, so true. Thanks for the giggles this morning! I especially liked the Amish lady and your caption...teehee!

Janeen said...

Right on sister! That was hilarious! ha ha I'm in California and it's everywhere! UGH!

Lavinia said...

I had to change seats on a public transit vehicle recently because the woman sitting in front of me was yakking away on her cell phone in the most annoying...nasally...whiney...voice....EVER!!!!!!!!