Sunday, March 15, 2009

Save The Words And A Thank You!

I was browsing around in Blogland, and came upon a post that had one of these fine certificates on it. You know I love certificates and awards and stuff. I went right over to the site, Save The Words (and then promptly had complete and total amnesia about where I was when I saw this so I can't give my bloggyfriend credit. Doh!) Anyway the premise of Save The Words is there are many words that fall into disuse and eventually are deleted from the dictionary to make room for new words. Visitors are asked to browse through a very long list, find a word you would like to adopt and then use the word as often as possible to bring it back into common use.

Those of you who have attended Catholic schools or catechism classes can imagine my shock and awe when I came upon the word "impudent." This word is among the top 10 words uttered by nuns - as in - "Mary Catherine, you impudent child, stop smirking this moment or I shall have you stand in the aisle for the rest of the class.


A covey of impudent Dominicans

Sister Mary Blackendecker in shop class used this word so often it was among her top 4, falling just below God, Jesus and class dismissed. Sr. Mary Colorpalette in Art Class preferred "saucy" to "impudent", so it probably hovered around #29 in her commonly used word list. Anyway, you get the idea. Impudent getting dissed from the dictionary so Webster can add dissed?

I think NOT!

I have adopted the word impudent, and plan to use it as often as possible. The Mister is in for a surprise. If I reply or comment and use the word impudent, you will know why. If you don't, I'm in trouble and my followers box will be sorely affected. I love followers as much as I love awards and certificates.

Sr. Mary Alphabeta and her impudent English Class
If you will also use impudent in conversation and writing we may be able to save it. Catholicism is at risk. Nuns will be at a loss for words. So please so your part.
Saucy, impudent, or just plain ignorant? You decide.


My dear and fabulously artistic bloggyfriend, Soulbrush has given me this wonderful Sisterhood Award! I love awards. Did I mention that? Thank you so much, Soulbrush, I shall wear it proudly. I did not read the rules - on purpose- because I would like to present this award to all of the Sisters ( some of whom are also SITStas) who traveled with me on the Orient Express! This means I am awarding one right back to Soulbrush. (Her trip was particularly distressing - Senita and Joe missed the train and had to stay home with the crying quads all day.)
I hereby present the Sisterhood Award to my adventuresome, impudent and saucy Sisters!
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BTW - Rebecca is still on the train! She is writing adventurous installments - so stop on by.
Have a blessed Sunday! Behave in church, but feel free to be impudent for the balance of the day!


Esther said...

This is quite the impudent post, but I do love it! Thanks for letting us know about the cause to save underused words. I will go and find my own special word to use. Have a great Sunday! :)

Lanny said...

The impudence of them, how dare they. Do they not realize that we will all impudently rise and take hold of this impudentness of theirs until our impudence is quelled by a return of this very important word. Feel very free to be impudent as you use the word to impunity, it will not be an effrontery to me one wit.

Catholic girls arise to your heritage! But please, stop rolling your skirts. (it makes for an uneven hem)

soulbrush said...

what an excellent word. the one i would choose would be 'pure'. nothing is called 'pure' anymore.yup, senita and joe aren't even talking right now, but the quads are happy!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Wonderfully impudent post!!
I shall use the word often in honor of my parochial school upbringing.
When Prince went to Catholic school in Englad he says that they used to get beat with Sister Mary Grace's shoe when they misbehaved and were impudent or rapped ON the knuckles with a wooden ruler. hurt so bad that he once swore aloud after a big smack and had to do penance for a week, lol.
Have a wonderful day and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Why, why ... you impudent child! How did you know I'm saucy? [lol] Adopting a word is too much committment for me. I can barely take care of myself these days.
Thank you for the award! I'm deeply honored sista. I'll wear it with pride. ♥ ∞

Cynthia said...

Gosh I think impudent and saucy have different connotations. Impudent fits child-like trickster behavior but saucy is definately a girl has a bit of sexual quality too. Gun post you saucy muse! (and on Sunday no less!)<3

Janeen said...

You're enjoying 74 degree weather?! Could probably be a beautiful day there if it weren't for those partly impudent clouds... the nerve. (huff)

By the way, I thought of another adventure idea for the group. A day at the Amusement Park; location choices, assortment of rides, the shows, the eateries (cotton candy could get a little sticky!), the prizes at the coin toss, etc. you get the idea.

Thank you for sharing the award! Fun, fun, fun!

Bibi said...

You made my day...again...not only for your riotous post, but for the award. It turned out I had to use my Sunday to work, and your post was a fun relief!

Linda said...

Saucy is my middle name. (no, not really) LOL--(reading Sparky's comment.) ANYWAYS, as always, thank you and now, I am heading to find my own word to use. Blessings

Mojo said...

I knew the language was in trouble when "Doh" (a la Homer Simpson) was added about 10 years ago. But "impudent" on the endangered list? Surely you jest! If that's the case, I wonder what fate is in store for "malfeasance"?

No, no and again no... this travesty cannot be allowed! Next thing you know someone will be lobbying to have "misunderestimate" added.

Renee said...

I am a product of Catholic schools, where one nun use to sell us candy in the classroom at lunch. Today I am sure they would consider her impudent.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

So hilarious, I'm still rolling, Muse!
I was ready to comment and congratulate you when I saw the award's list. Thank you, Muse! It's only with the Sistas can one be her zany self!

Poetikat said...

My husband (and my mother) will be quick to tell you that I was born impudent and it has not ceased in my lifetime to this point. The nuns I encountered along the way had many the opportunity to castigate me along those lines.

Thank you for the Sisterhood award, Lady Cynthia, I shall affix it to my award collage with pride.


Lyn said...

I was told that I was sassy at a very early age. If only I'd known that I was impudent! Can one still be impudent with advancing age?..Now I will be haughty, yes. I like that,especially after that fabulous journey on the Orient with you.
..thank you..a million!!!
What, me worry??

Lavinia said...

Why Musey, I'm touched! Thanks so much for this "Sisterhood of the travelling pants back pocket" award! I think its really groovy and will display with pride on my libressy award mean, my blog!

By the way, you were right the first time. That was the anarchists handbook you saw. However, you failed to notice the other, bigger book beside it, which is the sequel to the anarchists handbook. It's called "Start The Revolution Without Me" and I'm on chapter 12, "How to sleep through gunfire and mayhem".

Jeanne said...

Better impudent than imprudent. (Or is that the other way around?)

MuseSwings said...

Lav - what a coincidence - I'm reading that too! I'm a bit behind you. The chapter is The Upside Of Radiation Fallout - A glowing Complexion

You are all very welcome for your awards Sistahs!

Mojo! Thanks for stopping by!

Everyone - If I don't get off the computer and get dinner going right now the Mister is going to become impudent - so I'll just say I LOVE reading your comments!

Iva said...

Looooooove it!

steviewren said...

The dictionary is dissing parenthood by removing impudent from the what we yell at our smart aleck children? In fact this is how my dictionary defines the word.

smart al·eck (²l“¹k) n. Informal. 1. A person regarded as obnoxiously self-assertive. 2. An ******impudent*** person.

As for me, I am on a mission to save the word vulgar, which by the way I bet you heard used fairly regularly by Sister Yourskirtistooshort at parochial school.

steviewren said...

Oh yeah, I was so worked up over the loss of a fine word like impudent that I forgot to say thanks sister for the award!

Tea Time With Melody said...

As my first adventure it was quite exciting! Hope to do it again. Thank you for the award, I too love awards!

Nihal said...

Ohhh my, I'm so encouraged by your words Dearest Angel-hearted Cindi:) Yes, we all are sisters here, and I'm especially proud to be your sista! I'll be reflecting this meaningful award at CrossRoads, and hope to talk very soon.
Love to you.

Angie said...

Congratulations on your blog award. How very impudent of me to not congratulate you sooner.