Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Misc.

Mmmm! What Shall I Have?
The Mister and I were enjoying breakfast at the Lucky Dill many moons ago. A woman at a nearby table kept looking over our way. She was also writing something - perhaps making a grocery list. After she left, the waitperson picked up a piece of paper she had left behind. Looked at it several times, looked at me several times, and then handed it to me. I think this must be yours, she said. It was this lovely drawing of the Mister and I perusing the menu.

The Family Wagon
Betsy of My Five Men posted Norman Rockwell pictures of the family station wagon today. Her post reminded me of the succession family wagons my dad had as we were growing up. We looked much like the Norman Rockwell pictures - sometimes the last second one- both coming and going. My assigned station was the window seat behind the driver. Brother Joe sat on the right, next to me and someone - I don't remember who sat in the middle - maybe no one. We did, after all, have seniority, Joe and I. Three little nippers sat in the back and the reigning baby either sat up front on Mom's lap- or in a contraption of a baby seat that nowadays would seem so dangerous as to be related to the guillotine.
The seat was made of an open box frame of metal that hooked over the front seat. A plastic seat - not padded - with leg holes was slung over the frame and supported the child. There was a hard plastic steering wheel with a little horn in the middle on the frame. Baby could beep the horn every second and a half for however many hours we were jammed in the non- air conditioned car. I tried to find a picture of this type of vintage car seat, but could not. The manufacturer probably just has bad memories and no pics and is thankful each and every day that today's litigious society were the ones sitting in those infant seats - not old enough to call a lawyer referral service every time their little heads bounced off the plastic steering wheel.
There we were, the nine of us, barreling down the highway with nary a seat belt, airbag, reinforced frame or anti locking brake in site. The only containment device was the infant seat, which could have doubled as a Popeil Slicer Dicer had we had the misfortune of being in a collision.

A Picture For Stellan
A Thorn Among Roses posted a request for prayer for baby Stellan who's mom blogs at My Charming Kids. Stellen is very ill with serious heart problems. Today's news sounds just a little more hopeful. Stellan's Mom also has a site called Stellan's Name Gallery. This amazing and touching site holds hundreds of pictures from people around the world who have taken a picture with Stellan's name in it. It is just a joy to see the creativity! His name is written in the snow, sand, on a fighter jet and the sky, it's spelled out with everything imaginable from spaghetti noodles to marshmallows. You must stop by and see this ever growing outpouring of love that is giving this family hope. The site includes an e-mail address for sending Stellan's Name pictures. I e-mailed the Stellan orange tree picture this morning. Please join in on this incredible project!


Martha said...

What a great line drawing and thank you so much for sharing. I clicked over to Stellan's blog today and sent some comment love.
Thank you Muse Swings!!!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I just like the name of that resturant......The Lucky Dill :)
And a Popeil Slicer Dicer??? Still have one my'lady, lol!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Shellmo said...

Something about you & the mister must be fascinating for that lady to sketch you both - what a neat gift!
I heard about baby stellan on another blog and they are in my prayers. I love what you did with the oranges.

Lavinia said...

What a fey little drawing that stranger did of you. I'll bet after 15 minutes of close scrutiny of the menu, you handed it back to the waitress with a pert "I'll just have a coffee, thanks."

Har dee har har.

Cute idea for Stellan. What on earth did people do for creative outleting before the internet.

Rudee said...

I love the sketch.

That's so sweet for people to write Stellan's name-an interesting way to keep positive thoughts going their way. I'll stop by for sure.

Rebecca said...

What a great sketch - turning an 'ordinary' day out into a memory!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :).

Betsy said...

Hey, are you sure that wasn't Steviewren sitting in that booth? :)

I loved those old stationwagons with the wood sidings! We didn't have one, but they look so cool!

Lanny said...

Still giggling over the slice and dice. Lets see now, the generation that was never allowed to bump their heads, get over heated or frustrated, and always had entertainment and education at the click of a button, is about to begin turning thirty, they ought to be done with college by now and ready to put those unbruised, well educated heads to work. Wonder how thats gonna look.

MuseSwings said...

Lanny - they'll be on sick leave at the slightest health inconvenience.

Blicky Kitty said...

What a beautiful little drawing! I finally posted my cleaning quirks (in my case, my perfect housecleaning solution) for you!

marianne said...

Great sketch and I love that tree, makes me wonder how you did that.......

Have a nice day!

Linda said...

TY for sharing. Prayers for Stellan. Blessings

Lavinia said...

Hi Musey, it's your friend/enemy ("frenemy") Lavi here, askiing you another "prying" question and in so doing, putting our frenemyship at stake, I know. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about that time I dared to ask, "How are you?" and ya didn't speak to me for five months. Ya, you was sore. But anyway. Just popped over to ask you to go over to Steviewren's blog, I have a request for you that I posted in her comments section. Tanks dahling....

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia - I shall post a diagnosis and prognosis of Stevie's complaints as soon as I have an opportunity to confer with the Good Dr, West.

Aimee said...

I love the sketch!

And your description of the old car seat was hilarious! Its a wonder anyone ever made it past the age of 2!