Monday, July 21, 2008

Stress Test? Stress Test? Who Needs a Stress Test?!?!

I passed my stress test today. I studied. It's the other stresses. The every day stuff that makes my heart go wacko. Not running on a treadmill. That only made me thirsty.

My list of things that are stressful. These are NOT in order of the heart palpitation factor:

Linda Gelanela standing in front of Pinellas County while she gives the weather report (MOVE)


Not Working

Applying for jobs

Being ignored when I apply for jobs

Ignoring job application alerts

Physical examinations

Stress tests

Deciding what's for dinner

Watching Saving Grace (talk about stress!)

Things that go bump in the night

Watching my 401K descend into Never Never Land

Never Never Land

Michael Jackson


People driving tan cars

Trying to get to church on time

Hurricane reports

People who take giant steps across the parking lot to get in front of me at Starbucks

People who are spread eagled over the sugar and cream station so I can't get JUST ONE napkin

Losing stuff

Forgetting why I opened the refrigerator

Car making a kabink kabink kabink sound

Leaving my shoes all over the house

Looking for the shoes I left all over the house

The dogs staring at me (WHAT?)

Billy Mays commercials (stop screaming at me!) (SHUT UP)

News Reporters standing on Clearwater Beach with rain slickers on reporting on hurricanes

The Mister staring at me (WHAT?)

Talk Radio (any)

Forgetting where I put stuff

Make-up counter ladies (What's with the attitude and quit looking down your nose at me)

Having to get out of bed before 9:00

Sleeping till 9:00

Sleeping later than 9:00

Dryer lint

Trying to figure out what to wear for a stress test

Football season

Wondering about being old

Remembering that I'm already old

Looking in the vegetable drawer ( I am not responsible enough to buy and store fresh produce)

Having to remove unidentified oozing objects from the vegetable drawer

Things that go bump in the night in the vegetable drawer

Trying to live up to other people's standards

Trying to live up to my own standards

Forgetting I only have to concern myself with living up to God's standards


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

michael jackson...check....looking for shoes....check.....oozing veggies....aka science experiments...check....dryer lint...check.....

Are we the same person?

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

I agree with Ms.Ladyslipper. I think I was making the list. I don't want to live back in the old days of scrubbing my clothes on the washboard to do laundry, but so many of these are new stresses from modern day. I have to learn to let God be the one I need to please not others, and not me, but Him. Thanks for dropping by.

steviewren said...

Can I just add to the list people who tell you the same stories over and over and over again! (thinking of work related stress)

: )

MuseSwings said...

Ladies! I think we are long lost quadruplets. Stevie, I was going to add that repetition to the list as I was typing, but the way my memory is flickering, I may soon be one of those folks. I may soon be one of those folks. (see - it's happening already)

Thank you all for stopping over at the Muse. It is always such a pleasure to see your lovely comments!

Anonymous said...

Stress, ugh, hate that word, can't they just call it an exercise exam...oh wait, don't like that word either. Oh well, at least that's over-and you passed, yahoo, confidence boost. All that practice (your stressor list and then some) paid off.
See you Wednesday!!!

Sandy said...

hahahhaahah, when did you come in my room and take this list off my night table.

These ALL are so true...

MuseSwings said...

Sandy! Ha! You're on to me!

Camille, I don't know why they don't call it a "wear a bunch of wires and sweat a lot test."
At least noone said "well, for a woman of your age....."

Thank you ladies for coming by!