Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lose Something?

Anyone lose this? Don't know what it is, but I saw it in Tampa this morning - sitting on a ledge outside of my lawyer's office (I'll get to that. Concentrate on this thing) It's about 4 inches wide, 5 inches long, made from some synthetic hairy substance and was just sitting there all forlorn and wet with rain. Any takers? It looks like a Lucille Ball brand false eyelash for a giant, a hula skirt for an elf, or a really bad fake moustache. Any other guesses?
I didn't have a pair of latex gloves from my Fischer Price Play Time CSI Kit so I left it there. Took this picture instead.

Lawyer? No, the Mister and I are not on the skids. He specializes in Employment Law. You know, discrimination and stuff. I'm working on something with him, but I've taken an oath of complete and utter silence so the rest is for your imagination. Oh! I just noticed you can see one of my recently pedicured toes at the bottom of the picture. Nice job, huh?
Speaking of nails, I have a question. I found a comment on my 6/4 blog from "Anonymous". She asked if anyone had ever heard of this: A woman having a pedicure in the shop she frequents asks to have small V's maintained in the top edge of each of her big toe nails. Says it prevents ingrown toenails. I've never heard that one, have you? When I envision her trying to put nylons over her feet it gives me the same creepy feeling I get when someone says "tomato skins". Can anyone lend enlightenment to this V thing? I'll go back to Tampa and get that black whatever it is for you.
I got an e-mail from Africa yesterday. Seems I've won a Congolese lottery sweepsteaks and have a "very excelent good luck prise awaiting for my promt respond." Imagine. $800,000.00 bukaroos waiting for me in a bank somewhere in the Congo. Yipee. If I will just mail a check for $255.00 for "processing" fees and provide my bank account number(I'll get right on that) they will pop that money in the mail for me. Even left a number I can call to assure them that my good luck prise check arrives. How thoughtful. My, my, my. There were a few grammatical and spelling errors in the letter. Other than that, I'm sure it was legit. But...alas.. I decided to move it into my SPAM folder along with the e-mail from Sheri Star Delight who has some hot sexy babes I can chat with 24 hours a day. No thanks, I'm good. Got the Mister.
Speaking of money, guess I'll go watch the Dow Jones for a while. I'll watch my 401K continue its downward slide into oblivion. Good to chat with you! Stop by again.

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Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

I got some chuckles out of today's droll, witty post. "My Fischer Price Play Time CSI Kit" ...tee hee I could use one of those....my sister says I am always "conducting an investigation" of some sort or another. I think my greatest triumph was that time I was staying at a resort in Cuba and my clue-solving skills helped the house detective solve "The Case Of The Missing Towel".

As for your Congo lotto win, wow wow and wow, how could it be anything *but* legit? The fact that 8 million other people received the same email has absolutely no bearing on your win!! tee hee....