Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Several Survival Stories

Check this out! My sissy Mary was featured on a billboard in Mt. Dora for several months. She is the pretty smiling lady on the far right. One of 5 cancer survivors pictured. After her chemo, when her hair started growing back Mary decided, and correctly, I might add, that the new short look was not only very attractive but wash and wear low maintenance. Mary leaves the Loolielouise comments on my posts. Love you, Sissy
Layla's a survivor too and really isn't such a sad sack as she made herself out to be yesterday. She gets lots of hugs and kisses and gets to sit on my lap a LOT. I was busy doing things and when she asked of she could be the guest blogger for the day I said yes. I didn't even know she could type.... Moments ago, just as I was posting a comment, Lucy had the audacity to put her feet inside the doorway of my office. Layla did her big teeth and squinty eyes thing and made Lucy stand there holding her woobie and wouldn't let her come in to sit with us. Layla wasn't exaggerating about that!

Another "survivor" is my other sissy. I won't mention her name, but her initials are Janet. She's joining the 60 and older club in just a few days. July 28. In honor of her birthday I will share my poem, On Aging.

On Aging

I once thought that
My mom was old
Oh yes, my father too
In retrospect
I made that claim
When they were thirty-two

I’ve long surpassed
That golden year
I just turned forty-nine
And look with
Reconditioned eyes
Upon these peers of mine

With each decade
Old gets older
I renegotiate my gage
And live well by
The rule of thumb:
Age is relative to age

Cynthia A Conciatu
1995 Russell Leavit Memorial Award, FSPA

Janet shares her birth date with our paternal grandmother, Grandma Clara, who I loved dearly, and whose picture is in the margin of my post. Grandma Clara was born in 1890. The picture was take in 1946. Grandma was just 56 years old! So, Janet. If you're feeling old, just look in the mirror. People old enough to be grandmas don't look like grandmas anymore! And age is relative to age. Happy Birthday, Janet! Love you!

A few quick notes about Grandma Clara. Her husband, my Grandpa John, worked in a bar in Detroit, for a time, in the roaring 20's. A member of the notorious Purple Gang came into the bar one day and started to flirt with Grandma. Grandpa John, who would kill lions for her, threw him out. Grandpa always said that Grandma was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was his one and only true love. She died in 1953. He survived her by 28 years and missed her every day of his life.

Purple Gang rum running on the Detroit River
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Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Thanks for always leaving such sweet comments at my blog. I think that is so wonderful about your sister being a cancer survivor. Praise the Lord! Your grandma was so much like my adopted mother and I was there in the 50's so I remember women looking so much older. One of the things I think is the reason is that they had to work so much harder physically. Plus I think they just felt old at that age and now we feel like 60 is the new 40. I love the pictures of the Purple Gang. I'll bet there's some stories with all that.

Sandy said...

Wonderful photos and interesting to read you and great hearing about your sis and being a survivor. Just the other day I was commenting with someone about how much older our parents looked and acted at the same age we are now.

MuseSwings said...

Nana Trish, I just loved your story about your mother. What a wonderful, strong and adventurous woman she must have been. Your relationship with her was one that lasts through eternity!

Sandy, Mary's family and especially her friends in Mt. Dora provided amazing support and prayers for Mary. She moved ahead with prayer for recovery and a blessed future in mind. There's power in prayer.

The Purple Gang was around for about 10-15 years of corruption and violence in Detroit. Yes, there are many stories. I have a couple of books that tell about them. There's quite a bit of information about them on the web as well.

Thank you both so much for stopping by. It's always wonderful to see you. We'll have to get together with our other visitors and have a blog tea party. We could choose a date, and then everyone "bring", via photo's,something for tea.


Anonymous said...

To my sister, Cindi - thank you so much for the words of wisdom and the lovely poem on aging. Yes, tomorrow I turn 60 and NO I am not looking forward to it...or I wasn't, but after you mentioning me in your blog..I realized that tomorrow is the beginning of a new era and I plan on facing the future with a new attitude. I had planned on staying in bed as much as possible tomorrow but..once my feet hit the floor I am off and running..and it is all thanks to you brought tears to my eyes big time, but the realization that you thought about me and were advising me not to worry about the age bit really changed my attitude. You pulled me through this curtain of Cindi, my dear older sister, I love you for taking time out of your busy day to talk to me...Thank you, thank you, thank you.

MuseSwings said...

Janet! Thank you so much! I know it's a struggle growing older. We all have to do that, but that doesn't mean we're old. I had a wonderful time at your surprise party today. Jacquie and Patrick and of course, Brigid, all did a wonderful job putting it together. Lunch and cake were excellent and I enjoyed spending time with all of you! Happy birthday. You look fabulous (don't forget to tell me that on my next B'day).
Love you, Cindi

LL said...

Wow. The purple gang. I guess they've forgotten my address, or they just don't get the gas mileage they used to. Tee hee!

That is such a sweet love story. Ah, those crazy bootleggers, how else could a lad prove his love so heroically in the early 1900's?

Congratulations and best wishes to your sister, with the initials Janet. Cancer is a very scary thing and I'm sure she went through hell, but came out the other end back into the light, and I hope the light shines on her and her health for many years to come.