Friday, July 18, 2008

A Poem For Friday

Shell Seekers

A Pale half moon
Lies buttonholed
Against the morning sky as I
Walk quietly along the shore
Between the sounds of waves
Lapping gently at my feet
And gulls chattering overhead

Jaded as I am by many other trips
To summer shores, I
Scan the mounded piles
Arranged by foamy breakers overnight
Choosing only perfect shells
Of sunset hues
Undamaged by the crashing surf
That cast them there

And yet, who really chooses - Is it I
Or these frothy salt waves
That rush between sand shod feet
Like impatient givers of gifts
Perceiving a lack of appreciation
And taking back
Those for which I pause too long

Cynthia A. Conciatu
25th Annual FSPA Convention Award

Rosamunde Pilcher wrote a wonderful book that I have read many times. It's called "The Shell Seekers." I purposely used her title for this poem which was inspired by a quiet morning of shell collecting on Sanibel Island.

Several years ago, I wrote Rosemunde a note thanking her for her wonderful novels, and told her how much I enjoyed reading them. Several weeks later I received a hand typed reply thanking me for taking the time to comment on her writing. I keep it in my copy of "Coming Home."


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Who are an amazingly talented poet! Wow, am I ever impressed...

steviewren said...

Your poem is very good. Am I right in thinking that you won an award for it? Congratulations. It is so nice to be recognized for your excellent work.

It is also wonderful to have a favorite writer acknowledge your letter to her! Wow. I would keep my letter in a special spot also.

MuseSwings said...

Thank you, Lavinia and Stevie for your comments! I am pleased that you enjoyed my poem. This is one of my favorites. Thank you for stopping by!

Poetikat said...

Thank you for visiting Poetikat's and for your kind comments. I am connecting with so many brilliant folk through Lavinia.

Your blog is delightful and your poetry enchanting. I love, in this piece, the way you move from line to line in the verses without breaking them up. It is most effective to suggest your meandering on the beach.

I'll be back!


MuseSwings said...

Think you so much, Kat for stopping by and for your very kind comments. I'll be stopping in to see you again as well.


Betsy said...

Hi there! Lavinia has sent me over to check out your blog, especially your seashell poem and pics....she knows I post regularly about shells and would love this! And she was right! Nice to meet you....I'll come back and visit again! ~Betsy

MuseSwings said...

Hello Betsy! Lavinia is wonderful about having bloggers meet each other. I'm so glad you stopped by!
I'll stop by to visit with you today.


Driving Miss Willow said...

What vivid use of imagery in this work. Well done! So much to choose from to discuss but "givers of gifts" is for me, a great reminder of what nature does give us - for free. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poetry.

MuseSwings said...

Why, Miss Willow! Thank you for your comments and your visit! Always a pleasure. Are you enjoying the Jackie book? Isn't it wonderful?