Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Orchids to enjoy!

Today it's all about orchids in bloom:

Some of my recent bloomers:

This tiny orchid has a big name: orthiocephalaus inflexus. The picture is blurry (no kidding) but that tiny white blurry dot above my finger is a flower. I need a magnifying glass to see the detail. The name means something like "stiff birdlike hangy-down leaves"

This is a non-blurry closeup of my scented Phalaenopsis hybrid

The flowers of Maxillaria Tenufolia are very long lasting and have a delightful coconut/vanilla scent. Maxillaria refers to the jawbone

Dendrobum Aggregatium x Lindleyi hybrid sends out multiple sprays of pansy like orchids.

This bright orange Ascocentrum Miniatum is a tiny relative of the Vanda.

Below are two shots of the Dendrobium Anosmum. The first shows the two new leafy stems that will loose their leaves and bloom next year and the pendulous stem in bloom. A close-up of the same blooming stem. The leaves you see in the close-up are from the orchid hanging next to the anosmum

A skipper moth on my Golden Dew Drop.

Herbs and Flowers

Today was so uneventful - that being a good thing - I thought I would share some of my orchids with you. I'll make sure something happens tomorrow - even if I have to instigate it myself. Hope you're enjoying your 4th of July weekend!

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