Saturday, July 12, 2008

Forget-me-nots and a Poem for Saturday

I would be in a very difficult position if I were to have to choose a favorite flower. It be like choosing a favorite friend. Each friend and flower has their own enduring qualities, beauty, charm, spirit and individual reason for bringing joy to the soul. On my very long list of favorite flowers are forget-me-nots. Who couldn't love these tiny sprigs of blue sky with a sunny center. I grew them easily in Michigan, but they don't seem to like my Florida yard. I've planted seeds several times with no success. I tried again this year and am waiting to see what happens. While I wait, I thought I'd share my poem by the same name with you:


I was sitting in a Waffle House
Just outside Peoria
Trying to get some syrup off my elbow
With one of those inadequate tissue napkins that pop out
None at a time
From a black and silver dispenser
Invariably jammed
Between sticky salt and pepper shakers
And a crusty catsup bottle

I wish to God that Estelle
(Her name tag reads)
Would spend more time
Cleaning syrup off chipped Formica table tops
And less time washing leatherette seats
With that sour dishrag
That appears to be universally owned
By every Waffle House in the region

Probably has “Waffle House Midwest”
Stamped on one smelly corner
And makes the rounds by express truck
Arriving three minutes before I do
At any given location

At least I can depend on a good cup of coffee
And a runny egg
If I want one

Reminds me of my mother’s kitchenette table
With that yellow oilcloth cover
Always slightly damp from a sour dishrag
Frayed some around the pinking-sheared edges
Dotted with small blue flowers

Probably forget-me-nots
Must be
Because I haven’t

And those cigarette burns on the corner
Where my father used to sit
And peruse the morning paper
Over his runny eggs

Might as well call the cigarette burns
Forget-me-nots too
Because I haven’t

Cynthia Ann Conciatu

HM 2005 Letters Contest, National League of American Pen Women, Inc.


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

A charming, funny, droll poem. Three cheers for that sour dish rag! It's done its tour of duty, hasn't it....

I hope your forget me nots finally forget how good life was in Michigan and set good roots in Florida...hmmpphh, a perfect example of the perils that ensue when plants develop memory capability...

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Muse Swings, I've had your blog open for the past hour or so, trying to catch up here, but my phone keeps ringing! I see you have posted a number of things and I have to read them all.....

I just read your comment on my blog...but I don't see any award here?

Driving Miss Willow said...

Your poetry is award winning. The words are well chosen, makes one feel they are there. Hits all the senses. I would like to see more of your poetry.


MuseSwings said...

Thank you ladies! I appreciate your comments and your visits!

Esther said...

What a great poem!

I haven't met many people who list Forget-Me-Nots among their favorite flowers as I do, so this post is a pleasant surprise. :)