Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Day of Tiny Traumas and Bluto Lips

My day of tiny traumas actually began yesterday afternoon. I'd been looking through my stash of handbags - I tend to leave things in them, rather than empty them like a more sane and well organized person would. During my search I came up with a tube of lipstick. It's been in that handbag for months. Maybe years. How would I know. Lancome - Sugared Maple. I set it next to my computer. The one I am using now. In the middle of typing yesterday's blog I happened to notice the lipstick. I opened it up and applied it to my lips. Why not. A little while later I became aware that my lips were sticking out in front of my face - something like Bluto's when he tries to kiss Olive Oyle. Why am I doing this, I queried? Besides looking like Bluto, my face was beginning to hurt. What I figured out is this: The oils in the lipstick must have gone rancid, because the normally richly scented, overpriced lipstick on my lips smelled like old cooking oil after a 5 day fish fry. I was unconsciously holding my lips as far away from my nose as I could while typing away.
That was easily resolved. I removed the traumatizing lipstick from my face, and put my lips back where they belonged.
!Poop! Before I get to the other traumas I have to deal with one that just came up - the Mister just popped in and said "excuse me, you have a dentist appointment in 30 minutes. Bummer. I forgot. Gotta go. I'll edit this post with the rest of my whiny little list when I return. See you in a while.
One Hour Later... I'm back. Debbie's been my personal private hygienist for the last 2 or 3 years at Dr. Peter's office. Her hair is naturally blond, but I like her anyway. She's wonderful, kind and gentle and we laugh a lot. Plus my teeth are all clean and shiny again. No trauma there! I've had a few hygienists (ELSWHERE!) all aptly named Brunhilda. They come in wearing that opera hat with the horns on it, and the big steel breastplate and tools one usually only finds in a plumbing supply store. They hum the Flight of theValcry song and stab you with stuff and say " Missus, you must haff deep cleanink." I've been going to Dr. Peter for about 15 years and no one has ever suggested a deep cleaning. My teeth are happy and so am I.

So-o-o-o I have to wrap this up for the day. I'll give you a quick run down of the other traumas and then I'll start dinner: I went around a corner this morning and left the little toe of my left foot on the other side. OW! I'm sure you've all done that ultra stupid trick so you know the intense pain that's involved. I've been limping around all day. Later I was bit by two red ants. Those ants are so mean and they just get mad at any old thing. Then I limped off to get our latte's and the Dunkin Donuts place was out of large sized drink cups AND the espresso machine was broken. So the Mister had to deal with a medium iced coffee and I had to deal with acute thirst - no espresso - no latte. Other than that I've had a great day! Hope you are having one too! Got to make dinner: Caesar salad with grilled chicken and "dippy bread". Catch you later!

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Barely Domestic Mama said...

Oh my goodness! I am sorry but I laughed really hard at the description of your lips getting puffy because of the reaction to the old lipstick. :) That day didn't seemed to go very well for you.