Sunday, July 20, 2008

Watch Out! Virgos May have an Attitude Today!

Today's Yahoo Horoscope for Virgos: Not everyone can be as informed and as experienced as you are, and it's not always their fault. So cut some people some slack when they frustrate you with their questions. They are just working at their own pace and abilities, and they are dong their best -- you can't fault them if their best isn't good enough for you. Instead of getting frustrated with them, just go off and take care of other things. They'll feel less pressure, and you'll feel less restricted.

Cut some slack.. Heh heh. I love it. Doin' the best they can. Heh. Heh.

Sooooo, I've been right all along. Not everyone can be as informed and experienced as us Virgo's. That explains a lot about my attitude when I'm out and about in the big world dealing with obviously non-Virgo Sunday drivers, Starbucks customers, shoppers, meteorologists who stand in front of the weather map, the lady who does her eye make-up in such a way that it looks like her eyes are upside down, sales people, grocery baggers, Order takers at the "other" Dunkin Donuts. You name it. I try to cut them some slack. Sure. The professor in one of my psychology type classes asked why we talk about other people. Someone said "Because they are asking for it." I need to change that to: Because they are not Virgo. I don't believe in horoscopes, but when they say something like this it is necessary to pay attention and share with other signs.

As for the "other" Dunkin Donuts - I had to quit going through the drive through. It was misnamed, for one thing. It should have been called the "sit here until hell freezes over -thru". Here's a sample of the typical ordering dialogue: AND I am NOT exaggerating!

After 15 minute wait at speaker with only one other person ahead of me:

Go ahead.

I'd like a large iced latte with skim milk only and a large iced coffee with mocha and cream

So, you want 2 medium coffees and did you want any donuts today

No, I'd like a large iced latte with skim milk only and a large iced coffee with mocha and cream

Did you want that medium coffee hot or cold?

I'd like a large iced........etc. (I make eye contact to the person waiting behind me and roll my eyes)

Oh, OK, make that a large iced latte. What flavor did you want in it?

I'd like a large....etc. No flavor.

Oh - no flavor. Whipped cream?

I'd like a.....etc. no flavor, no whipped cream.

Will that be all today?

Did you get the other drink?

That medium coffee?

No, that large iced....

And it goes on. And on.

So. I had to get away from there. I don't think it had to do with whether they are Virgo's or not. Is there a sign for "don't understand the spoken language?" I go to the Dunkin donuts in the Hess Station. There's something about eye contact. They don't even ask. They just take a look at me and start making the drinks. Unless a new person shows up on the job. They ask what I want, and I don't remember how to say the order. I haven't had to say the order for 3 months.

So, getting back to Virgo's, our tendencies are:

Blonde - check

Blue eyed - check

Taller than average - actually I'm an inch shorter than I started out

Slender - welllllllllllll I was once.

Thin eyebrows (really!) They are now - I started ripping them out when I was 14. I looked like a Yettie.

Intelligent- Of course!

Artistic - absolutely

Methodical - er. uhm...

Orderly - listmaker - yes! Has anyone seen today's list? I lost it.

Wholesome - of course. Unless I have to park in BFE.

I'm the only Virgo among my siblings, so the rest of youse guys are going to just have to go along with this. Especially the three of you Leo's who are having birthdays at the end of this month. By the way, I told mom I was on to her -that when I counted backwards 9 months from July, I came up with October. Wedding Anniversary.

This was a lot from a person who couldn't even believe, for a time, her parents actually had sex. Despite the fact that there were six other kids in the house with me. So what.

Happy Birthday, Leo Sissy and Bro's - especially the one who is turning the big Six-Oh. Welcome to the club.
Happy Birthday Joe, Janet and Jim!

After I contemplated the picture of that birthday cake for a while I realized it looks like it has dog food pressed around the sides. No cake for me, thank you. I'm.... er...ahhh.. watching my waistline. Yeah, that's the ticket. Erp.


LoolyLouise said...

The cake looks like it came out of "The Gallery of Regrettable Food", the delightful book you gave me a few years ago. The cake recipe is probably on the menu with "Pressed Shank Braised with Smoker's Phlegm". And don't forget the lime Jello mold with fruit cocktail, sliced up hot dogs and metal shavings. Dig right in, kids!

MuseSwings said...

Hey, Loolie! I think it's from the menu that includes the "t-bone" shaped hamburgers with fake bones made out of carrot. And a side salad of grape jello with greek olives. feta cheese crumbles, anchovies and pureed lettuce in it. Ring that dinner bell, Mama, ah feel a hunger in my bones.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

So funny! but the cake actually looks pretty good!

I don't think I know any virgos? But I guess I do now!

Three Leos in one family? Wow.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

When is your b-day? I'm right there with you.