Monday, November 10, 2008

Tagged! Random Things About The Muse

Soulbrush tagged me to tell seven random facts about myself. This is going to be really random because as I am typing this I have not thought of anything. So good luck, (to me) here I go:

1) I always say my favorite color is yellow. But it's not. I don't have a favorite color. If I did, maybe it would be yellow. Probably it would be pink - but a lightish frosty pink. With no yellow in it.

Why do I insist that this is my favorite color if it isn't?

Kind of like this pink, but not exactly

2) About the only vegetable I don't like is (are?) beets. They taste of dirt. Sorry if I just messed up your favorite veggie here. I've never even tasted borscht. Does it taste just like beets? If it does, I don't like it. Besides even if my mashed potatoes are in another room they will somehow turn pink if there are beets on the table.

Beets taste just like beets. I don't like beets because of that.

3) I dislike being in deep water. Deep is anything over my head. Because of this our swimming pool is only five feet deep. I went snorkeling once in the Bahamas and forgot the part about the deep water. I jumped in and just about had a heart attack even though I was wearing one of those floaty vests. I finally talked myself out of the fear and had a wonderful time visiting with the fish. Until my leg brushed against some razor sharp coral and then I just became shark bait with a sore leg.

Look, If you're going to lay there and stare at me, I'm just going to stare back.

4) My favorite thing to wear is jeans and a cotton sweater. Since I live in FL I have to settle for t-shirts most of the year but I can still wear jeans if I want.


5) I've been out of work for 1 year as of November 5th. Whatever.

6) My mom almost named me Gretchen. Lordy. My great grandmother saved the day by suggesting Cynthia.


7) I tend to read fast and not pay attention to the pronunciation of unfamiliar/new words. I have been surprised on several occasions by hearing the word pronounced aloud. A mild case of dyslexia - or perhaps in my case it's just called not paying attention - doesn't help. My first realization of this was many years ago when someone said "clandestine". I had just been reading a detective novel and my fast read interpretation of the word was candle-stein.
You asked for random.
I'm supposed to tag someone, but I think I'll give ya'll a break because quite a few of my bloggy buddies have already done this one. I've enjoyed reading them! I think I did this one a few months ago. I was going to cheat and repost it. But I didn't. I probably could have gotten away with it.


soulbrush said...

ha ha it's plain to see that you are just cuckoo! and a brilliant writer too!

Lavinia said...

I'm just sitting here trying to figure out how you can have so many charming random facts about yourself, be 'beets' me!

Lavinia said...

No, actually, you could *not* have gotten away with re-posting seven 'previously loved' random facts about you. Because I have an extensive computer analysis (somewhere, not sure where!~)of your blog---bwah ha ha and I would have blown the whistle!

Blicky Kitty said...

Do you think though that if you had been named Gretchen, you would have posted "I was almost named Cynthia?" My husband rescued our girls from some weird names.

I was almost Ophelia myself. That would have been seriously uncool.

So is bietola out of the question in Rome? Do you hate the greens too?

Shellmo said...

I empathize on the beets - hate beets too! They look murderous to me!
You're definitely a Cynthia. I don't picture someone named Gretchen being funny!

MuseSwings said...

It was an interesting assignment Soul - I had to do a little "Soul" searching.

Lavinia - I know you'd be right on it if I cheated so it wasn't honesty it was Laviniaty that made me do it.

I don't know, Blick. If I was a Gretchen I'd probably have a fettish for wooden shoes. I'd be clopping around all my life and never hear anyone tell me little things like "we almost named you Sunflower Galoshes but the police intervened" so I probably wouldn't have known about the Cynthia. Ophelia and Gretchen - yipes! Si, no bieta please - or those fuzzy green leaves. Pass me the collards instead.
Shelly - thanks for hanging with me on the beets thing. It means a lot.

Bibi said...

I get such a kick out of your posts. I don't like deep water either, but I love red beets....

MuseSwings said...

It's good to know another shallow water wader, Bibi. So what does borscht taste like anyway? Beets? Sombody's got to eat them. I had to eat them as a child, and occasionally - like when eating a Greek salad, I'll have a bite or two, but they just taste