Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No Lemons Here - Got Lemonade!

Soulbrush gave me this lovely award today! What a nice way to start a day! Soulbrush's wonderful blog is artful and wonderful and fascinating. I love her artwork and look forward to a new surprise each day. Thank you so much, Soulbrush! This looks as refreshing and delicious as a well made glass of lemonade!

There do not appear to be any rules with this award, so I invite any reader who would like to accept this award to do so with my compliments. Don't be shy - this means YOU! Enjoy! I certainly will.

I finally made my way home from the Grape Escape in the wee hours of the morning. What a fantastic fun day that was. I've been lying here almost all day on my sofa with a cold compress on my head and my feet elevated. If you missed out on the fun, just scroll down to yesterday's post where I have listed all of the contributors aka partners in crime who spent the day in Rome. The many comments on each of the blogs are a hoot! Check them out.

Thank you all so much for making this another exciting and blogatious blogadventure! Many visitors joined in the fun, and traveled off to the other participating bloggy friends. I got a few "slow report due to heavy traffic" messages as I attempted to move about and post comments. Thank you again to everyone who participated and visited! What a day!

It's cool here in Florida! Should go down to the low 40's tonight. I moved a few of my orchids indoors - mostly the miniatures and a few that are just about ready to bloom. I'm pretty sure the rest will be okay. I seem to have a good feel for when to bring them indoors. I've not lost any due to the cold. At least not so far.....

I'm no fashion statement at home, but I at least try to coordinate colors and styles in case, say, a meter reader or a salesperson stops by or someone runs through the back yard while being chased by the alligator, or I get a phone call. The Mister, on the other hand has traded out his summer getup for a conglomeration that I'd prefer not to describe lest you wonder about my own sanity. This morning I asked him if his outfit was bothering his eyes, because it sure was hurting mine. I make sure I'm the one to venture out to get the mail and take the dogs out. At least until dark.

That's mainly the reason I was using a cold compress today - the outfit - not the 10 gallons of wine and 42 pastries I enjoyed in Rome yesterday.


Bibi said...

Cucumbers on your eyes after all that wine! Are you pickled? (Oh, that's baaad.)

Sparky ♥ ∞ and Wiregrass Steve said...

Congrats on the award Cynthia! I received one too and wasn't sure about the rules, but I am blonde. :o) I'm resting up too but must attend a funeral out-of-state in a day or two. I'll be putting a tribute to the friend at my blog at that time.

Rest up and don't let the gators get ya!

Sparky ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You gave me a good laugh with the story about hubby LOL.

Shellmo said...

I am picturing a kaleidescope of colors on your hubby's outfit - LOL!

willow said...

Congrats on the award! Hope you are recovering from the fun trip!

Marie Reed said...

I'm one pooped girl! I nnnneeeeed some of those cooling cucumber pads!

Lavinia said...

Hey Consuelo, You may have enjoyed 10 gallons of wine in Rome---give or take a few gallons---but what about the 247 gallons you carted off for future enjoyment? Hans Johannson our swiss banker wants you to know that the vault in his bank can no longer serve as your wine storage facility. Something about swiss bank 'rules'. Yeah, yeah, chin-chilla, I know we sometimes play hard and fast with rules, but when you sent some of your staff to the bank with lumber and tools to build a wine rack, that was when Hans had to draw the line in the sand, (or the snow, as the case may be in Swissland). He immediately texted me saying he didn't mind the odd crate or three, but a wall to wall wine rack with built in counter/sink *was* going a wee bit too far!

soulbrush said...

has your hubby got a cucumber outfit? never mind, it's my mind today, having some 'senior moments' right now! gonna lie down with your cucumber hubby, i mean with a cucumber compress!!!

Devoted said...

Congrats on the Lemonade award...and the Best Blog of the Day. I knew your blog would be selected! :-D

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Congratulations on the well deserved award! Stay warm! 40's are cold for Florida!!

Jennifer the Daughter said...

I like the outfit updates :0)

MuseSwings said...

Bibi - I think the cucumbers ARE pickled now!

Sparky - sorry to hear about the death of someone close to you - I will watch for your tribute! Have a save trip!

Shell: that would be one word for it!

Willow, thanks! Got my feet propped up as we speak.

Marie - I'll tape two cucumber slices to a vintage post card and send it along!

MuseSwings said...

Levine! Hans is so picky! I suppose he will also have a problem with the new thermostat I am installing so the temperature inside the vault will be chateau perfect for my wine. I happen to know his mother Gurt - you met her in Spain at the ah escapade (you know with the mug shots etc...) Anyway she said she will "Giff him a piece uff mine mindt" He's not too old to spank. Well you know that. I get the counter and the sink too. We'll pop in for a drink now and then. Lohania - did you just happen to see my faux chinchilla throw lying about? It's a bit nippy here in the deep south. Shall I fly over and pick it up or will Mssr. Borshtbowl be coming this way any time soon?

MuseSwings said...

Soul - I think I get the drift here - I need to slice up another cucumber now - got the vapours.

Devoted! Was it you perhaps? The nominating person, perchance? If so, kisses and hugs. If not, kisses and hugs anyway.

Pamela, my thin Florida blood is sufferin'.

Jennifer! It's you again!!! (Psst:gray sweat pants, pale yellow oxford shirt with red stripes TUCKED IN, That old fuzzy blue jackety thing, brown sandals. Looks like Tweedledum at the Salvation Army))

marianne said...

Ha ha I see it has been raining awards on you too!
I finally placed your wonderful orchid award on my blog!
Thanks again!

Devoted said...

Tried putting a post on your other blog but there was a problem. Thanks for stopping by...and to answer your question...yes. Congrats again on the awards.

Janeen said...

Boy it's so sweet over here, I'm going to get a cavity! ha ha Isn't Soulbrush a great gal! I got an award too but I see you've got it already too, so can't pass it on to you. We are lucky gals indeed! Have a great day!

MuseSwings said...

You are very elcome, Marianne!

Devoted! I love you! Thank you so much!

Janeen - yep, a bit sugary, but no calories! Yes we are all lucky gals!

Jennifer the Daughter said...

Egads! The least he could do is not tuck. Don't let him out of the house! It's high time to redo dad's wardrobe.
When I thought it was time for Johnathan's cologne to make an exit I simply 'rearranged' the bathroom cabinets...and put another bottle in the place of the old one. It took him a day to figure it out. :O)