Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas Benefits For The Unemployed

Marie, I borrowed these cards from you, hope you don't mind. Free is so much better than 1/2 price.

Cool - I was browsing through the closet here in my officette and found the Christmas cards I bought at half price last year. Now all I have to do is round up enough $$ for stamps. The Mister suggested I send them collect. I thought I might stamp them with a note saying C.O.D. Do you think the post office will fall for that? Do you think my relatives will fall for that?

Dis here card is from Moose Swings. Cost me 43 cents. I sent Leggs out to "talk" to her.

I have something interesting to do today. Sparky will be proud of me. I'm volunteering at the 6th Annual Bike Fest in downtown Palm Harbor. Do you think I'll blend?

Gimme two. I'm only gonna pay you cuz you look like such a wimp.

Don't want no one fainting on my Harley.


So I gotta go and find something inspiring to wear. If I'm not back by 6:30, tell the Mister to come looking for me I'll stand out like Holly Hobby in a coven. Easy to spot: Cinnamon cashmere sweater, coach bag, single strand pearl necklace with matching studs. Cole Hahn boots and a sticker on my shirt that says "Don't be mean to me. I faint easily."

In the meantime, here's something I posted back in June when I had 1 loyal reader and daily comments averaged 0.10032. It's a kaleidoscope (click here) You can also see who my one loyal reader was. She ain't so loyal anymore, always blaming me for credit card thefts and emerald heists, but I'll be making lots of new pals at the bike fest today, heh heh heh....


Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Daaaang ... that sounds like FUN! I wish we lived in your area and could participate. :o) I'll be sure to tell all my Biker buddies to be gentle ...

It is SO COLD here in SE Gawga that we are sitting inside with the heater on and hot tea beside me. Brrrr! Is it Spring yet??!!

Have fun! ♥ ∞

Anonymous said...

I love the vintage pictures. Have fun today. It is freezing cold and snowing here in Upstate Ny.

MuseSwings said...

They are, Sparky - we met with quite a few of the biker volunteers for a meeting and dinner on Wednesday and noone so much as snagged an olive off my dinner plate. I expect to enjoy my afternoon!

Mary Lou - sorry it's so cold there! We are blundled up because we're such weenies in Florida. I did my time on black ice and blizzards in Michigan. Thanks for the visit!

Lavinia said...

Hey, its still an enjoyable timewaster! I put everything in the circle and---whoa----what colour, a veritable kaleidoscope! (tee hee).

Hey, as for my loyalty, I've said it before and I'll say it again: It belongs to the highest bidder!

debby said...

Muse, dear, I'm sorry to say that you're not going to fit in at all at the Biker Fest. Talk to my pals Rumble Stripper and Rambling Rose (they belong to Grizz and Stoner). They can give you some valuable fashion tips.

Another fitting in tip: A good joke is always welcome. What's the difference between a Harley and a Hoover? The Hoover only holds one dirt bag. Get it. Hilarious. Tell that joke around, and you will truly be a standout.

You're welcome for the tips. Always glad to help. I've got some advice for Lavinia too.

*wanders off to give it to Lavinia.*

steviewren said...

I'm waiting for the update from today because you must have gotten some interesting comments on your attire.

PS the strand of pearls was a nice touch. If the meet had been a little north of Palm Harbor you could have donned your mink.

Lavinia said...

Debby: come on Debby-do, I'm waitin' for ya over at the birdbath...and yer 'advice'....bring it on!!!

Betsy said...

Hmmm....maybe if you took the pearls off? tee-hee!

MuseSwings said...

Sorry if i've worried you! I've been back for hours, but have been visiting blogs and hanging out with the Mister. I came back unscathed after rethinking my outfit and canning the pearls, Betsy and Stevie. I didn't blend exactly but hey - my leathers are at the dry cleaners. Had a fine time for a good cause - Toys for Tots. I thought better of using the joke, Debbie but thanks ever so for thinking of me. Lavinia - are the best bribes of a chocolate nature or is cold cash the only thing that works for you? Need advice before I accept future bribes meself.

Lavinia said...

Musey, glad your back and in one piece and kneecaps intact. Hanging out with bikers, are you.....hmmmmm....Quick--check---are you wearing any fringed garments? Is anything on your person decorated with skulls? Are you humming "Born to be Wild"?

Debby said...

Should point out that the biker joke is one that the bikers tell each other. Only instead of Harley, they substitute Kawasaki, or Honda, or Yamaha, or whatever the recipient of the joke rides. My brother, the Harley stereotype told that joke to my uncle who rides a Gold Wing.

So. Are you going to answer Lavinia's questions?

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hilarious, Muse! I'll tell ya something. Those bikers are sweet psychopaths. They do have soft spots for the ladies. The reason I know? On second thought, don't ask! ;)
Buona giortata! Still on the cusp of The Grape Escape. :))

Queenie said...

Somehow I just can't see you riding pillion!!!!!!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I must be like Holly Hobby, too. It took me forever (and I mean even AFTER I saw the pictures of mean guys) for me to realize that a bike fest was about motorcycles (and not bicycles). DOH!

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia - Oh, Debbie, here's my answer to Lavinia - I just got one large tattoo of a biker dude on my bicep. Problem with my biceps is they are on the south side of my arm now, so it doesn't look cool it just looks like my tattoo is falling off.

Petra Michelle - they all seemed to be reasonably tame and I enjoyed being there. Lemme mull over what you said and see if I can come up with the have a motorcycle duse as a significant person in your life? Is that the answer or do I have to guess again?

Queenie - pillion???

I'm with you, Nan. When I first heard about it and the bike parade in the morning, I imagined crepe paper and pinwheels and lots of cute little kids dropping those giant powdered suger fritter things on my foot.

Sorry for the late answers - first I went to church, then I ate breakfast and then I pretended to watch the football game with the Mister and our male progenyy and then I fell asleep for 17 football minutes which is about an hour and a half in earth time.

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Cynthia, You are a hot mess! So funny. I'm so glad I found you in bloggyland. You make me chuckle.

Mberenis said...

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