Saturday, December 13, 2008

This Just In: Mr. Peck Returns In Time For Bloggyland Tour

I've just gotten off the phone with our dear Mr. Peck! He called from the outskirts of Rome, where he has been "vacationing" since the Grape Escape.

His extended stay is due in part to serious injuries to his hand sustained moments after this picture was taken at the Bocca della Verita.

And also the unfortunate folding of his Vespa rental service due to the even more unfortunate damage caused to his fleet by inexperienced and over rambunctious Grape Escapists. His short lived company( financed by his father),Peck n' Paw, is no more. Mr. Peck has also been summarily disinherited from the family estate, and is free for yet another adventure.

For those readers not familiar with our long association with Mr. Peck, let me fill you in. Mr. Peck was a park ranger of some repute- ill or otherwise -at Bloggy International Park, the site of our infamous Indian Summer Picnic.
Unfortunately, his explanation to his boss that he'd "just seen his duty and done it" was not sufficient and fell wildly short - especially when paired with this photo (taken by ChaCha Security) of Mr. Peck "just taking a short break" with a certain LL. He was immediately set free of any further responsibilities and asked never to set foot in the park again.

So, needless to say, the mockingbirds are on their own now, as it was his duty to protect them. Shelly - ya gotta help these birds!

The ever expendable Mr. Peck tweeked his resume.

Gave dancing lessons for the Great Bloggy Ball at Willow Manor

Well, your honor, I er..a...em...uhm...

Took care of a few legal nuisances that resulted from park "activities" as well as damage to the park picnic area caused by a certain buckskinned beauty who dropped a "teensy" bag of gunpowder too close to the picnic bonfire.

Dr. West's Seminar, Nervous Exhaustion 101, will keep you Spellbound
Bolstered by a few of the Good Doctor West's seminars, Mr. Peck is ready, very willing, and certainly able to assist in our next adventure. I have assured him that we have all attended etiquette classes, inspiringly provided on this self same blog. And I have promised that we shall all maintain a certain amount of decorum during the tours.

This Australian Bygone Beauty Raspberry cordial is especially good with Mockingbird Pate', Mr. Peck
With the fortuitous assistance of Debby, Sparky, Mim and Trish's borrowed credit cards, Bibi's passport, the blackmarket sale of Betsy's gourmet pretzels, Kat's poems and Margaret Ann's paintings, as well as Blicky's First Class Lounge credentials, Mr. Peck has secured a flight to Bloggyland's International Christmas Village and shall be at our disposal for the entire day and most especially during the late evening hours.
News Flash: Also seen on this flight, but not in view of the camera are honeymooners Whitey and Pink and Senita and Joe! plus an odd assortment of Nannygoats wearing pink ruffled panties who claim to be limerik poets from Nantucket
The most important traveler this season, however, is Devoted's son, Pfc. Jake Kyser, US Army who will be home for Christmas in just 5 - count 'em FIVE more days! Welcome home, soldier!


Debby said...

Welcome home, Jake.

I'm so glad that my credit cards were of use to you Musey. Being generous and always willing to help out, I've canceled every blamed one of them. Just to be on the safe side, even though, with Mr. Peck and his gracious good manners, you, Lavinia, and Stevie might be a little less inclined to be overtly criminal.

Of course, the heavy drinking has started over at Lavinia's.

*gives head a quick shake*


Canceling all credit cards was the wise thing to do.

lmerie said...

Wonderful! Welcome home to your PFc!!
Gosh, everything makes me tear up lately!

Linda said...

Thank you very much for making me smile today. Bless you. smiles

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Whew .. there for a minute I thought *I* would be blamed for his, uh, 'absence'. (uh, hum)

But HEY that's why my Credit Card is so high! Mr. Peck has it! I knew it wasn't *me* buying all these 'unexplainable (to my husband) items' (and I was blaming the dogs for having computer access ~ thilly me).

Welcome home Jake! Glad the military will be along for the ride. Now everyone will have to behave ... I'm lookin at you LL. I'm bringing my fingerprint kit along "just in case". [grin] I mean I *never* misbehave (as far as anyone can see) ... [roflol] ♥ ∞

Shellmo said...

I've got the mockingbirds covered and will bring extra birdy treats - anything to help Mr. Peck!

Janeen said...

Too funny! As usual~ Lurve it!

Looking forward to Monday!

MuseSwings said...

Debby, Mr. Peck appreciates the monetary assistance. He managed to take a handsome cash advance before the gates on your card closed. Sez thank you ever so much for your holiday generosity!

Imerie - thank you - Devoted and her family are counting the days!

Sparky - Mr. Peck was a bit elusive about his whereabouts over the last few weeks....Appreciates the financial boost and all.

Shelly, what a relief! Protect them at all costs. If there are costs involved, Mr. Peck has an extra credit card or two.

Janeen - See you Monday too!!!!

Lavinia said...

I'm almost dizzy reading all about Mr. Peck's adventures, in bloggy land and otherwise. His stay at my apartment in Rome was the highlight of my last visit there. After I threw everyone else out ...oops!, I mean, after I said goodbye to my departing guests....Mr Peck opened a bottle of Tuscany's finest and 'real' grape escape began...a deux, as they say in France. Oh, wrong country. A duo as they--we---say in Italia.

Anyway, that's all the by the by. The point is, even I wasn't sure what all he had been doing before and after the Indian Summer Picnic, job-wise. After all, Pecky and I were just a wee bit too 'busy' about that....hmmmmm.

So thanks ever so for bringing me up to date. And I can tell you, I'm going to be making a beeline for him tomorrow at your do. See you then!

Aunt Jo said...

Loved it!