Friday, October 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been tagged by Soulbrush to name my favorites, and here goes:

1.Clothes Shop...Chico’s – all of their clothes fit and fit comfortably including jeans!

2 Furniture Shop...Matter Brothers, Hudson’s Broyhill Furniture, and antique shops

3 Sweet..Modjeska’s a handmade marshmallow covered with caramel and named after a Polish ballerina. Maple creams covered with dark chocolate. Dark chocolate anythings

4 Cities...Savannah, St. Petersburg, Chicago, San Diego

5 Drink...Iced tea –unsweet with extra lemon., Earl Gray tea, Grande Marnier, Galliano stingers with brandy, vodka and tonic with a twist of lime.
6 Music...40’s, 50’s and 60’s, classical, christian
7 TV Series...Burn Notice, NCIS, Fringe, The Closer, Discovery, History and A&E channels

8 Film...Romanitc comedies, classic films, detective/police films I’ve listed many favorites in my profile.
9 workout …workout?
10 Pastries...Hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, cream puffs with vanilla ice cream and bittersweet chocolate sauce
11 Coffee...Thank you!, Don't mind if I do. No favorite brand - as long as it's well made it will be good. Also, hot or iced lattes with skim milk.

12. Gems...Padparadscha sapphires. The name means lotus flower in Hindu. The stone is the color of the sunset. I love all gems and precious stones, especially in their natural form. (I added #12 just because of everything mentioned above - these are my favorites.


Debby said...

I am a big fan of iced tea, unsweetened, double lemon.

soulbrush said...

thanks for playing,don't know any of the stores etc but now i know more about you! hugs.

willow said...

I'm getting hungry reading your favorites! I love Chico's, too. There's something very morale boosting to choose a size from 1, 2 or 3! Whoever thought of this was a marketing genius. ;^)

Lavinia said...

Oh we know aaallllllllll about your # 12, dearie. It's been splashed all over the headlines for the past week!

I like all your sweets. Never heard of Modjeska, but pretty sure I'd develop an addiction in no time flat....

Marie Reed said...

Good answers across the board lady!

MuseSwings said...

Debbie, we are sisters at heart! I go through gallons. I have a secret for "sun" tea: Put 7 (I only use Red Rose) tea bags in a quart jar filled with water. Put in fridge. After just an hour or two it's ready to use.
For tea, fill glass with ice and about 3/4 glass or more or water. Pour in "condensed" sun tea until it looks like ice tea. No giant jars taking up space in fridge.

MuseSwings said...

Hugs back to you, Soulbrush!

Willow - yes I like wearing a size 2. I also like being able to buy on line and knowing it will always fit.

Lavinia, modjeskas are heaven! Hand made marshmallows and heavenly caramel. You can buy them on line.
That's the store that first made them.

Thank you for your support on my decisions, Marie :-)

Lavinia said...

Museswings I've got an even better idea, let's all go to Flossela Fortuna's and raid her Modjeska supply! (She buys it by the crateful, doncha know?!)

MuseSwings said...

Lavinia - that sounds like a wonderful idea. We'll need a floor plan, some rope for repelling up the walls, some grenades and a large caliber gun. You got all that?

Lavinia said...

Yes, and the most important thing...liver-flavoured jellybeans to feed her yappy chihuahas to keep 'em quiet while we pillage her mojitos! Er, I mean modejksas!!

MuseSwings said...

Brilliant idea.

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

Lovely list Cynthia, a latte and cream puff sounds devine! Have a great weekend..

Mim said...

I love your list! I think we'd have a great time together eating those lovely looking chocolates and shopping at my favorite store also - Chicos!

marianne said...

Nice List!
never heard of Modjeska´s but they sure look yummy. I´m not such a sweet tooth but I just love caramel!!!!!
I love your new header with the frangipanies!
Glad you discovered my orchid mandala, I love orchids too. My house is still full with them, they stay well soo long.