Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicken Wing Adventure

M-m-m-m! One of the nice things about being unemployed is if we get out of bed and decide to shower and stuff we can go out for a late lunch. On the water, in the sunshine and wherever we want. So we did! We went to the best place for chicken wings anywhere in America. The secret in the breading is Parmesan cheese. Our waitress is Heavenora. That's her name. Is too.

You can see by her t-shirt where we are. In Port Richey. On the water. In the sunshine.


Cool. Plus we get a menu. I won't even show you the entire menu. We came for wings. Ordered 25. Don't worry - we'll take some home with us too. Can't eat them all at once even if we want to.

Because we also have to eat our curley fries with cheese sauce.

Service was fast! We ordered them "hot" and that's what we got!

The Mister was happy as a clam.

And lunch was finger licken' g-o-o-o-o-d! And A-Musing!

I took a picture of a cow bird especially for Shelly. He's waiting for the waitress to come. Florida will freeze over before that happens, birdie!

Please pass the ketsup! And some of those paper towel napkins all the messiest Florida restaurants like to use. I do too. I needed 62 of them.


Janeen said...

Oooo, save a few for me too please! Looks yummy! What a fun day you had, looks like you enjoyed yourself!

Lavinia said...

Finger licking good? (Does the Colonel know??)

I like what you said ---One of the nice things about being unemployed----. I guess you couldn't list them all as that would take all day. Me so jealous!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

We'll be right over with the beer and extra napkins!! ♥ ∞

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Aren't wings yummy? Sounds to me like you guys were rocking out!

Shellmo said...

Muchas gracia por la fotografia de la Cowbird! I bet he was hoping one of those waitresses would take him home for a pet!
Are their chicken wings really that good??? I must know!

MuseSwings said...

Si, Shelly, los wings are mui bueno! Sparky if you were there we would have had beer for sure!
Trish - there are the only ones I eat. We did have fun Janeen. Lavinia - it would take all day - but the list of what we can't do is getting a bit longer each week. Not so long we can't have a good time though. Come on down!

Blicky Kitty said...

Yummy! The Mister looks very happy indeed. Did you bring him to lunch to make up for the car trunk incident?

Heavenora? Really? Couldn't a nurse or an ObGyn have interceded on that one?

Bibi said...

You know, I've never been to Hooters, but the wings and fries do look good! Was it only those that the Mister was pleased with? :<)

There's a new KFC here, and though I'm not really a fast-food fan, I went and had some yesterday; barbecue sauce too! Slurp.

Debby said...

Gosh, if my son finds out that er. um. married couples MY AGE go to Hooters, (for wings, no less) the place will lose it's allure, for sure.

Debby said...

Oh, how did that apostrophe get in its? Sorry.

soulbrush said...

looks scrumtious, i haven't eaten meat for 30 years, but this post makes me want some!!! happy halloween 2 u.

Nihal said...

Oh guess what? I *tagged* you, Cynthia:)
For more and the rules pls visit CrossRoads when you can. Hope you let it continue at you:)
Wish you a Scary Halloween with lots of BOO's;)
Have a buon weekend.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, man! That looks so good and now I'm starving!

Happy Halloween...

:^) Anna

Poetikat said...

Whoooters? Was it "The Mister's" birthday or something?

Heavenora? Great name! Was she found on the steps of a church as a baby?

I agree. Parmesan cheese in breading is sooo good!


Tea Time With Melody said...

Hooters! Yes, they have great food. Actually went their for Mothers Day a couple of years ago because it was the only place that had no Plus my father had never been to one and my mom was out of town so it was the perfect excuse. He had a fantastic time!