Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fountain of Youth Give-a-way Day! And The Winner Is...........

The winner of the A-musing Fountain of Youth Give-a-Way announced today!

Drum roll please! We have a winner of the genuine bottle of hand dipped water from the Fountain of Youth.

Are you among the very Young at Heart ? I'll tell you who is:

Blicky Kitty's comments included originality, poetic license, and that all important touch of blatant groveling. Blick wrote the following comment:

Well you know our old kitteh named Blicky,

When he looked in the mirror felt Icky,

There was a droop to his tail,

Once perky and hale,

But, he realized he couldn't be picky.


Then the Muse's song came to our friend

This bottle all troubles will end,

With a laugh and a jump,

You'll admire your rump,

And no longer need to pretend.


"Now he really is loathe to be pushy,

Groveling and getting all mushy,

While returning to ten,

Would bring pimples again,

He really would love a new tushie!

Congratulations Blick - a new tush and a kindergarten picture of the Muse is just a postman away!

Don't everyone leave yet! I have a 2nd place winner! The Mister produced a second bottle of genuine Fountain of Youth water. It has been propping up a picture on the Mister's desk for the last 14 years. He produced it just hours after I announced the contest. Our 2nd place winner is:


Queenie's tissue dabbing comments just struck a cord in my heart (or maybe I just ate dinner too fast.) It was mainly the part about her school pictures. You can imagine I, of all people, would sympathize with that plight. I would only ask that Queenie produce one of her "better" pictures on her blog. Perhaps we could have a "who's grade school picture looks more doofus" contest. Can ya beat this, Queenie? Can ya? Huh? I double dog dare you!

Winning comments from Queenie:

Mmmmm, 28th day before my #~^# birthday is reason enough. Then if i really pull at the OLD emotions, just out of hospital shortly to go back Arrrr....The think to really crack it, my childhood photos mum always trimmed my fringe just before, need I say more about being the cause for the loudest laughs in our family, bigger Arrrrrr!!!!!Of course if there is someone out there more desperate than me, they have my blessing to sip on the bottle youth....

Queenie even promises to share!

I loved all of your comments - this was a difficult decision - although a few of you made it easier by stating flat out that you do not need or want the miraculous elixir. One person, who shall remain anonymous (unless of course you read the comments) went as far as to state that she is already looking younger each year - all by herself - with no need of enhancement! (Wonder what she keeps in all those birdbaths of hers...) This may be true, Missy, but imagine if you will the lengths some of us have to go to keep up appearances -and how high we must hold our head for photos so that most of our 6-8 chins are less noticeable.

Oops! I just heard someone out there say "speak for yourself Miss Musey Faloozey" so let me just say congratulations to the winners!

I'll be cleaning out some drawers soon, and you never know what may rise to the surface (another reason I wear my gardening gloves indoors). Another A-Musing Give Away may be just around the corner. Or behind the dust bunnies in the closet!

Oh - one more thing - an experiment to try!

Who is your real friend?
This really works!

Just try this experiment:

Put your dog and your spouse in the trunk of the car for an hour.When you open the trunk, who is really happy to see you??


marianne said...

ROFLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! This last remark!
My G....... how I had to laugh!
But strange I told my husband this experiment and he was not so amused. No sense of humor I guess.........
Kitty congratulations and Queenie too!
beware look what it did to Cynthia!

MuseSwings said...

Marianne - I got that "experiment" in an e-mail this morning - I did an ROFLOL too so I had to share it. The Mister laughed, but he would not agree to go through with the experiment.

Sandy said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH....oh.....still laughing and congrats to the winner. I look forward to reading your posts!

and who is my friend....I think I'll test that out........

MuseSwings said...

Sandy - you know you only encourage me further when you laugh :-) Thanks!

Poetikat said...

I haven't got a dog or a trunk - just a hatch and a quartet of cats. Will that do?

As for the picture, see here:


Congrats to Blicky! Her poem was a winner and she truly deserves to stay young and beautiful forever. Blah blah blah...

I'll have to check around MY house and see what goodies I have to get rid of, er give away!


MuseSwings said...

Kat! This is probably and excellent way to get rid - er - give away things that the Salvation Army would reject.

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh I am so honored! Thank you so much! My only concern is that if it turns me into a kitten again, how will I ever reach the trunk to let my husband out? I bet he's wishing we had a dog right about now because Mr. Big (the cat, not my husband) tends to scratch when he frightened, or locked in trunks.

Shellmo said...

Blicky - congrats on your upcoming youth!!

Lavinia said...

Congratulations to the winners! Muse-swings, your "thinly veiled' barbs did *not* go unnoticed but since I'm currently high on woodsmoke and tea, I'll let them go by. No one knows the price I pay for the dewy youthful look. For example, when I try to admonish young men with the line "I'm old enough to be your mother" and am greeted with derisive laughter. I could go on but I see my ...er...tea is in need of a refill..

I look forward to your next giveaway....ummm, try the jewellery drawer, there's a dear!

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Excellent choice! I think we need before and after pictures from the winners. We need to see if this potion really works. Great contest!

Lily Hydrangea said...

LOL, you are a very funny woman!

MuseSwings said...

Blicky - we are all so happy for you! Should put a little spring in your tail, don't cha think?

Lavinia? However could you tell???? Do refill your tea and throw another log on the fire while I sit here and age, age, age I tell you! Perhaps I will raffle of one of those emeralds next! Or, perhaps I shall pop in the car and drive off to St. Augustine. I'll set up a little shop and make those little wet wipe things you get in the BBQ restaurants and sell them on E Bay.

Trish - you are exactly right - we want before and after pics, Blick and Queenie!

Nihal said...

Hi there Cynthia,
Your Acceptance is accepted, lol:) I received your Xtra-beautiful postcard safe and secure. Enjoying to read the poem, and adorable those cute leaves! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very kind action to create this piece for me. Yet my account is 5/11. Have to wait till the rest is completed. Then I'll share them on my page.
My congrat's go to the winners.
Miles of Smiles.

Debby said...

Poor call, giving this bottle to Blicky Kitty. She'll probably lap it down and need to be litter trained all over again.

Janeen said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading and have just now read this post! I agree with your choice, FUNNY poem! ha ha By the way, I like how you have changed your blog list to show the pictures too. You're so techie! I have so much to learn Blog Master. (bow)

MuseSwings said...

You are so right, Debby. One has to be very careful about what one offers the Blick!

Janeen - receiving bow graciously - thank you ever so!

Blicky Kitty said...

OK I posted my before picture for you!