Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Game Is Afoot, Sherlock

This Padparadscha Sapphire is missing! Lavinia Ladyslipper and I have taken it upon ourselves to hire the best detectives available to investigate this tragic loss to Prince Filbert of North Umberton Bobsoire Peet. Lavinia says she don't got it and I aint got it neither. I checked the Yellow Pages and found this Agency to assist us.
I dashed right over.
And hired this fledgling detective.
Everyone who visits The Birdbath Chronicals or Muse-Swings attended the Cortina Ski Resort 'fiasco' . We've agreed to assist in the investigation by asking that everyone account for their movements in and around the sauna on or about February 31, 2008, 10:30 PM Rangoon Time.
Please visit The Birdbath Chronicals for additional and oft conflicting information. Thank you for your cooperation. The game is afoot.


willow said...

Sapphires can be slippery little things in saunas. Hope you find Filbert's sparkly. Make sure you check all the jars of cold cream!

Betsy said...

Haven't seen the sapphire but it sure is beautiful!

soulbrush said...

i already gave mr holmes and dr watson my statement. on 31st february i was home in bed with my neighbour's husband. and pray what do you intend to do about that may i ask?

Lavinia said...
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Lavinia said... smelling salts!!! Shocking development in the case, over at the birdbath!

And by the way, stellar job you've done here in hiring the best of the best. This man looks clearly capable, but of what, is not

Somebody got some 'splainin to do~!

Where was I on the date and time in question? Why, I was at the Bijou, watching a movie. Who was I with. one. I was alone. Oh wait! Yes, I have a witness to my whereabouts. The Bebbers was with me!

Lavinia said...

Muse swings I just popped over the soulbrush and saw her new invention, the loocycle. I think its great and ordered 5 of them! Oh by the way,one minor detail, I told her to send the bill to you...hopey you don't mindey! We can sort it all out later...just mail me the particulars to my Siberian address, thanks.