Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Dogs Life Update

Don't believe a word my personal private Muse Mama says!

Layla the Schnoodle dog and Lucy the Chocolate Lab have settled into a dog doesn't eat dog relationship. It took a while after Lucy's arrival for the fur to stop flying. Layla loved being an only dog and Lucy grew up with two little snappy pomegranate dogs who made her life miserable. She came with a couple of bad habits - don't get near my treats or toys and don't ever get near my food or you d-i-e.

We were aware of this, and I spent a few weeks feeding Layla her dinner on the kitchen table while Lucy covertly ate hers with an eye on Layla. They had several run-ins, and each time Layla left the fray a bit worse for wear. She spent a lot of time feeling miserable and stuck to me like glue. As time went on they each found their place and space and worked out a peace treaty of sorts. They steal each other's toys and raw hides with out fear of injury. Layla, a wise dog, knows I will get her a replacement. Lucy, on the other hand looks at me with such sad eyes I go to Layla and extract Lucy's treat from her mouth and return it to Lucy.

Layla still will not let Lucy come in our bedroom and she will not let Lucy in my office. Lucy is okay with that. She doesn't stand outside the door with her tail hanging and looking like a lost soul. She uses the opportunity to polish off any food left in Layla's dish and to get some personal play time with the Mister. If Layla eats out of Lucy's food dish Lucy doesn't get upset. When it's treat time Lucy moves off to a spot where she knows she won't have to kill Layla. Progress!

About a month after Lucy's arrival Layla made a few playful jumps in front of Lucy and after Lucy stared at her like she was nuts for a while they started to learn how to play together. At first I stood nearby but I can trust them to play now. Lucy, as big as she, is gentle and Layla was never a yippy nippy dog, so playtime is safe and fun for them.

Taking two dogs out together to do their business is the job of a puppet master. Layla goes one way, Lucy the other. They cross over and under each other and Layla always manages to wrap her lead around a tree, bush, fire hydrant, Lucy, Me or the mail box. But we manage. They race each other out the front door and stop just short of yanking my arm off. My left arm is 6 inches longer than the right one now, but a little therapy and a drink or two gets things back in order. Even when the Mister and I take them out together they manage to get their leashes in a tangle and the mister and I twirl around like the Sugar Plum Fairy trying to keep things in order.

Hey you! Yeah, you! Wanna buy a big brown dufus dog?

If you haven't read about their early days together - from Layla's point of view, in her post Dog Days of Summer, check it out now. Things were a bit dicey back then. Layla was not a happy dog. She's okay now. She'd sell Lucy on E-bay if she could, but she doesn't have a password yet. If you ever see a big brown dog with a stuffed gingerbread boy in her mouth on e-bay, please call me before the bidding gets out of hand.


Sweet Repose said...

Oh, the volumns we could write about our dogs. I crack up everytime I see the gingerbread boy...too funny. My dog keeps me smiling 24-7, the antics unending...there are dog people and there well...the others...happy to have you join me...sharon

Poetikat said...

What if she puts her in the "Buy this now" category. I'll keep my eyes peeled. We'll check "Petfinder" too (just in case).


MuseSwings said...

Sweet R. Layla has kept me laughing 24-7 since we got her. Lucy has her moments too.

Thank you Poetikat - she has one of those locater chips so even if Layla takes her tags off we can find her before the final sale hour comes up.

Anna Lefler said...

Omigosh, I can relate to your post. We got two puppies back in January (beagle and cockapoo) and it's been chaos ever since. The new thing is that they're fighting over toys, food, etc. and it's driving me nuts!!!

All I can say is, it's a good thing they're cute!

:^) Anna

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

I have to keep an eye on E-Bay and Petfinder too ... just in case .. Maxie (our mini schnauzer) puts our Lucy or Sam Jr. up for sale. She was NOT HAPPY when we brought these two home! I could write a book about these three. [sigh] Dawgs! HUH!!

We've done the walking bit too. Thank God we don't walk them anymore but have a fence with a gate, pet door, automatic feeder / waterer. :o) ♥ ∞

Devoted said...

LOL! We have the same issues here. Our Chocolate Lab, Bruno, was a very spoiled only dog for three and a half years. Then we added 8 month old, Princess Isabella, the Chihuahua! She is the agressive one...but when she isn't looking he hides her toys and eats all the food. I agree with sweet repose, there are dog people and then there are...those.

willow said...

I miss my doggies and their raw hide chews.

Shellmo said...

I bet Layla would grieve if something happened to poor ole Lucy. labs are such sweeties! I had a lab that was ruled by a cat of mine before - when the dog died - that cat cried all over the house looking for him.

Blicky Kitty said...

Sounds like Spy vs. Spy from Mad magazine. Or Inspector Clouseau and Cato.

Tell Layla there a dog-starved home for Lucy up in Massachusetts. I would have strict rules though. She would have to snuggle on the beds and furniture and would have to lick ice cream bowls.

They are just the cutest faces of fur. Now I'll go read the other post.

soulbrush said...

Found: dirty dog. Looks like a rat...been out awhile.

Better be reward.

Devoted said...

Whoooooo....hooooo....GO RAYS!!!!!

Bibi said...

During my years here in Belgrade, I have homed at least 10 stray dogs that I've gotten fixed, wormed, vaccinated, bathed, etc. Three more stayed with me at various intervals (Bibi is the latest), and my sweet baby dog, Daisy, died last summer at the age of 15 1/2. She was a saint with the other temporary dogs, enduring nibbling, food-stealing, usurping of sleeping space, attention. I loved her. Bibi is her reincarnation in everything but tolerance with dogs I bring in (outside, just fine) so I've curtailed my Mother Theresa work.