Thursday, May 29, 2008

Horoscope Shmoroscope

Today's Yahoo horoscope for us Virgo's is as follows.

Today you will find yourself with the interesting problem of having plenty of energy, but nothing to do! So what are you going to do -- channel all of this energy toward cooking up some new adventure, or jump into a co worker's stressful situation and help them sort it all out? It's basically a question of whether you feel selfish, today, or selfless, today. And just for the record, the universe says that either option is acceptable. Choose according to your mood.

Now this is exactly why I don't believe in horoscopes - unless of course they say something like you will find a vast amount of money today or you will inherit a fortune from a long lost relative. In both cases I immediately grab a large empty purse and I sit on my front porch waiting for a limo to deliver the goods.

As for today's words of wisdom, I was awake until 3am and then slept until NOON. If I have any energy at all today I am completely unaware of it. Can't help a co-worker with a stressful situation, because I'm unemployed and on the dole. As for selfish or selfless, Whatever. Either option is apparently okay with the universe so I'm going with both. Maybe I'll read tomorrow's horoscope now and prepare in advance to attain the required attitudes and moods. I'll set my alarm too. Make sure I get it done early.

I wouldn't say this is selfless, but I did take all of my beading equipment over to my dear friend C1's house today (I was almost late because of getting up at noon) and helped her design and make a bracelet. Picture jasper and onyx. I'm not saying here that you should try and picture the bracelet - the stone is called picture jasper. Turned out pretty. Other than that I'm of no use to anyone today.

I forgot to mention that this week's question about gas prices was contributed by my buddy Paul of aluminum foil and Thai food fame. Last time I looked there were 0 votes. I can understand that. It's painful to think about the price of gas. If you have any pressing questions that you would like other folks opinions on - well at least from 0 people - let me know in comments. We'll give it a whirl.

Oh, the Red Wings lost last night. Played well, but lost nonetheless. No one got killed. Game 4 is Saturday. I instructed the mister to text scores to me while I was at my Bible study last night. Got no texts so I figured either 1) he didn't want to distract me, or 2) the Wings were not scoring or 3) he forgot. It was #1. The Wings were kind enough to wait until I got home to score their 2 goals.

I think I will attempt to do something in the way of household tasks since until now I have been using the selfish side of my psyche today - or is it psycho? At least I'm not sitting around in my bathrobe. By the way - my bathrobe is made of bamboo. It's incredibly soft. So if I am sitting around in it it's because I selfishly deserve to do that.

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