Friday, May 23, 2008

Daughters, Dogs, Bottle Trees and Florida Food

A little information about the current pictures on my site:

The Pretty Women are my daughter,Jennifer, on the left - pink shirt, and my "adopted" daughter and dear friend, Heather. Jennifer lives and works and especially shops in San Francisco. Thanks to today's technology she is just seconds away by e-mail, phone or text. I do miss her hugs and smiles though!

Layla, the dog, is the next picture. She's 8 years old, 20 lbs, poodle/schnauzer mix. I named her after the Eric Clampton song. The unplugged version. She's quiet, sweet and friendly and makes us laugh a lot. Layla likes to bark at squirrels, deer, ducks, egrets, mourning doves, ibis, raccoons, get the picture. She also has several commands for me that she uses successfully throughout the day. The most unique is the one where she follows me into the bathroom and puts her paws up on the counter. The command is: "I'm thirsty, and even though I have 3 water dishes in the house I would like you to get me a Dixie cup full of water." Which I do. Another command is: "Oh, I see you have just settled down to watch a good movie on TV. Therefore I would like to go out RIGHT NOW please. I just want sniff stuff. When I come in I would like you to share your popcorn with me."

In case you are about to comment on why I wrote more about Layla than my daughter, I'll explain. It's because Jennifer neither gives nor takes commands. I raised her well. And, I'm just guessing here, she may not be pleased if I share her age and weight although her age is well earned and her weight is just fine. (and she's a Polish/Rumanian mix) Additionally, if I were to settle down to watch a movie, Jennifer would not ask to go outside and she just might make the popcorn. As long as it is healthy organic popcorn. With pink Himalayan sea salt. Fine grain.
I also have 1 son, Jason who lives nearby and visits his mother, and 1 husband, aka "the Mister" to whom I've shared wedded bliss for 38 1/2 years. You'll be hearing a lot about the Mister. He does, says and wears things that are worth discussing at great length in a blog. He knows I'll be writing about him. And yet he persists.

My bottle tree is in the next picture. What, you might ask, is a bottle tree? Why, it's a tree with bottles on it. There are many versions of bottle trees. They originated in North Africa as a funerary practice. Bad spirits would be enticed into the bottles by the bright glass and the sounds of wind crossing over the mouth of the bottle. Once in the bottle they could not harm the dead or the living. check out for more info and the new bottle tree industry. Bottle Trees are just for show and just for fun now. However, if you travel through the deep south you may still spot one of the old originals.

The last picture is of The Wharf - a favorite restaurant on St. Pete Beach. Besides delicious sea food and excellent prices, the State Game and Wildlife officers who patrol the intercoastal water on their cute air boats may stop by for lunch. They wear really great looking uniforms. M-m-m-m. Oh, I was just referring to the food there.

I'm hungry after all the food talk - I'm off to check the refrigerator. Be back later!

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