Friday, May 16, 2008

Whoa - Look who's blogging!

I've been putting off going to Walmart today. For no other reason than I don't think buying hair conditioner is any kind of real emergency. At least not one that should get me out of the house. I don't have any fear of leaving the house. I just don't see the need to do it. I AM going to the movies later to day to see Baby Mama. Last movie I left the house to see was Atonement and before that The Painted Veil. I'm not alone here - I've got a dog - and a husband who likes to watch cable news all day long. At least until I start twitching involuntarily, then he switches to TRU TV for a while. I'm In one of those life moments where I am deciding between looking for a job or retiring. I'm thinking of retiring, but I've heard it's important to not outlive your money. That's quite limiting. I met Jack Kavorkian once. At a funeral. He had nothing to do with the death of the dearly departed, he just played poker with one of the children of the deceased. Maybe I'll give him a ring. There's an opportunity here - add this to retirement plans: estimated date your money will run out (EDYMRO) barring additional economic incentives from the President. A Kavorkian associate will visit on your EDYMRO date. You will have the opportunity to update your EDMRO date based on lottery winnings, bingo cash payouts and any other prolonging sources of income. You will also have to report all large purchases though and readjust your date accordingly.

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Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

In the beginning was the blog and the blog was funny.
Very good! I don't know how I missed this one pal. :o)