Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tiny Traumas

The first half my Saturday did not go well at all and caused several negative muse swings for yours truly! I was minding my own business - as I always do (right I am so sure). I took Layla the Dog out back to do her business this morning. By the time we came back in (she has to sniff every blade of grass every rock, stone, leaf... my hands were itching like CRAZY! Like I was wearing itchy gloves.

I was sure I had some major disease or an allergic reaction to some meds and I would be dead by sunset. The itching didn't stop for hours, but I did finally see where I had been bitten by something multiple times. A deer fly perhaps. They are the stealth jets of the insect world. I finally took an antihistamine for the intense itching which made me sleepy and I laid down for "just a minute" and woke up 3 hours later. Talk about a wasted day. At least I was well rested enough to do some household tasks and enjoy a yellowfin tuna sandwich at Molly Goodheads (why aren't the radical Christians bugging Molly's? Besides the nudie -not even mermaid -logo the name itself is an implication of disrepute.)

The other tiny traumas of today include the deer eating my ready-to-open rosebuds. Again. This has been a constant issue. And, the sprinkler timer (thanks to Lawn Man) won't work properly so we are watering the grass daily. 80 kabillion minutes per zone. The mister won't just turn it off - he tinkers with it every day thinking what he's doing this time will work. It doesn't. We're due for a huge water bill and a visit from the water police pretty soon.

The rest of the day went well and as for my hands, they're swelled up but at least I'm not dead!

Going to watch the Red Wings now - back later!

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