Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dogs and Judgement

I slept well last night for a change! Partly because of a minuscule amount of sleep on the previous night. Part two of the reason is the dog barfed on the mister's side of the bed, not mine. Layla did this sometime during the day and neglected to mention it. I was pleasantly surprised at 11:30 last night as I was getting ready for bed. It was really more to the middle-mister side, so rather than make a huge issue of washing the blanket, sheets AND mattress cover at midnight we opted to ignore the situation. The mister slept with about 1/3 of everything hanging off his side of the bed. I on the other hand was not in the least inconvenienced and slept like a dog. Layla did too. All is in the laundry at the moment, so we won't have to flip a coin tonight to see who gets to sleep on the barfy side.

Having spent time in my church over the past several years, and with my bible study posse, I have had the pleasure of becoming more familiar with the Bible. One of the more important lessons learned is I shouldn't be judging people. It is God's place to judge. Wow. That kind of stifles conversation. But it's true. And I'm going with it. I grew up with a mother who excelled in judgment, so I thought it was okay and danced in her footsteps. I didn't realize just how far down the wrong path I had travelled until I started to make a concerted effort to let God worry about who does what and why. After stopping myself in mid-thought and word about 99 times a day, I realized that a significant portion of my day was spent judging others. I would have been a great addition to the Salem Witch Trials. Yipes. I'm better now. Some backsliding, but better. If you think I'm not, then here's a lesson for you - God gets to decide. (check out Romans chapter 2). I do feel, however, that God is far too busy to worry about fashion mistakes, bad makeup and hairstyles. I still get to have that small yet significantly important judgement area on my daily go for it list. This is why I was entitled to comment on the apparel of the scissor-step Starbucks lady several blogs ago. Anyway, she was asking for it. So I'm pretty sure that it is okay to make internal comments such as "what was she thinking" and especially things like "If you put Brian Engblom (hockey commentator) and Donald Trump (Donald Trump) in the same room together something really bad is going to happen". I've added Brian's picture to my blog for all you non-hockey fans. You decide.

Speaking of judgement, I have a confession to make: Due to my unemployed state, I have been honing my business skills by helping out at the church a few hours a week. I get to file things and fold programs and stuff. I was also entrusted with updating the program for next Sunday which includes a list of songs for the service. The June 1 songs weren't available, and faced with a blank spot on the program I ....well a blank spot is an open invitation. So I filled in some song titles (just until Friday when I do the final update). They are: I heard it Through the Grapevine, Mandy, Chattanooga Choo Choo and Row Row Row your boat ( to be sung in 4 rounds). I'm sending an e-mail to Diane momentarily so in case I should fall off the face of the earth before Friday she can make the changes. Otherwise, those of you who attend my church will be singing my list. If that happens, please remember that the band will sing the melody for Heard it Through the Grapevine, and the church body will sing the back up chorus part. So practice, practice, practice.

The Red Wings are playing game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals tonight. Tune in. The Penguins, having been shut out the first 2 games are getting a little antsy. During the first game, one of the Penguins whacked our great goalie Osgood. He survived. Game 2 the Penguins decked some of our best players. My guess is tonight's instructions for the Penguins are to try and kill them. The Red Wings can hold their own. Go Red Wings. (I'll see you tonight, ladies - but expect a few text messages to come in with score updates over the course of the evening)

Got to go - got some things to do - send that important e-mail to Diane.

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