Sunday, January 25, 2009

L'IL Cindi Gets Another 15 Minutes Of Fame

A Cindobama Poster For the Ages - or is it Aged?

Anna Lefler my bloggyfriend from Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder posted her personal mustachioed version of the Obama poster a few days ago. And, in a spirit of generosity unsurpassed by most philanthropic giants, offered the link to the site that allows the unemployed and other laggards to sit aroundfor hours and create their own Bama Posters. I, having made an art of loitering about my officette, went one step further and e-mailed my Li'l Cindi picture and the link to my son, Jason and asked him to do it for me.
Another recent 15 minutes of fame came about when I took my kindergarten picture over to the Louvre along with a small hammer and a picture hanger, removed the Mona Lisa from the wall and hung mine in it's place. You can see two onlookers, contemplating my sausage curls and making bets on just when my front teeth are going to grow back.
Don't you love my outfit? I remember it - green vesty thing, plaid skirt and matching plaid piping around the flattering Peter Pan collar.
If you are currently jobless or idle for any other reason, real or invented, you may wish to make your own Bama Poster and you can do so right here.
If you missed out on the portrait in the Louvre fun you can make your own by going here.
Enjoy your Sunday, but be back here tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat Blog to celebrate a very special holiday!


Anna Lefler said...

I'm voting for Lil' Cindi! Hi-five!

And now I'm off to the Louvre... (Wait, is that where louvred blinds come from? Those Frenchies!)

And thanks for the shout-out...



Jeanne said...

Adorable picture -- I'll have to see if I can dig one out & try it.

Martha said...

You are so adorable, you have my vote. A picture at the Louvre, my you do get around!

Lavinia said...

Lil Cindi has my vote! By the way, can Mr. Peck be your running mate?

Bella@That damn expat said...

Cool pics! Check out PhotoFunia, they have a bunch of templates.

lmerie said...

Too cute! I will have to play . . . after I finishing doing some work. Gotta do what I tell my kids, work first play later . . . well maybe. Hahaha