Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Salubrious Signs - Scorpio


April Horoscope for Scorpio:
Ok, so you might not exactly be in love with your career right now, but that does not mean that there is no bright light shining in your professional future. You are paying into an account of good karma that is going to pay off sooner or later, so just keep plugging away. You will get rewarded -- the universe assures it. It's important for you to keep thinking about the goal farther down the road, and not to get too emotional about your situation right now.


Keep that grin on your face

Your job,in April, is to try not to try to control everything around you. Sure, this might seem like a tall order. But it's pretty much a guarantee that, if you succeed even a little in restraining your need to be the boss of everything, your stress levels will plummet. So at least give it a shot this month. You could end up a lot less stressed out! You could be sensing an impending career shift.
Loosen up Scorpio!
If you are sensing this shift, embrace it. No one knows what the future holds, but if you stay confident about your ability to volley whatever comes at you, you'll be in a very good position. A little patience pays big dividends, particularly when it comes to romance. Trust your instincts. They are right on, as usual. You are going to need to back off from that old draconian way of doing things at home or face the consequences (it will not be pretty). The end of the month is a good time to compromise in a relationship. Stay on your toes on the 30th. The boss is watching.
Hank Scorpio demonstrates a good career shift for Scorpio
Your Get Real Horoscope for April:
The rest of us are on to you. Don't be such a stickler for trying to get the last word in, okay? Anyone who shares a sign with the likes of Winona Ryder, Prince Charles and Pliny the Elder needs to get a grip on humility and remember that there are other folks out here too.
Your tendency for destructive behavior and back stabbing is not a big plus these days when jobs are on the line and your co-workers are already looking over their shoulders. Granted, you are by far the most enigmatic, charismatic, smoldering, intelligent, resourceful, destined for greatness, and good looking person around - but try and put that to good work for a change. Bake a damn pound cake or something and put it in the break room with a cutsey little happy face note.
Don't worry, it will still be there at 5:00 - untouched and intact - which under normal circumstances would be nothing short of a miracle in the average "Do I smell cake????" office environment. Nope - in this case it was left there because of sheer terror. If a crumb or two is missing it's only because it was sent off to the local CSI lab for heavy metal testing. It's not that no on trusts you, Scorpio. heh heh heh.
If somehow, some way you were recently given your walking papers it's okay to sit there and plot death and destruction because you, the best employee to ever occupy space there should have been the last to be laid off. You thought the boss was calling you in the office for that promotion, right? And the worst part is they let that Doreen whatshername who can't even string a sentence together without saying "like" and " so he goes" in it stay on while you're out in the street looking for work with a bunch of losers.
Just don't take anything out of the house. Leave the bombs in the basement and think happy thoughts. Get that resume together. Actually, have a professional do it for you. Your own version makes you look nothing short of world leader material, and for a career file clerk and copy room attendant that's a little suspicious to say the least.
As for your romantic life - what you see as smoldering sensuality, others may see as professional stalker material, so quit texting every 2 minutes and check out a few self help books while you wait for calls from potential employers.
Your tendency for nonconformity enhances your chances for unique career opportunities. Good luck with that.
(Taurus - keep an eye on these Scorpio's for us, ok?)


Martha said...

My mom is a Scorpio and I have the battle scars to prove it!

Jeanne said...

This is your best one yet! (And so like many Scorpios I've known over the years.)

Janeen said...

I've been on blog hiatus last week and visiting my friends again today! Have a great Saturday Lil' Cindi'! :)

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Geez, the grocery stores must be full of Scorpio's these days, what with blocking isle ways with carts! I go through there mumbling "There are other people on this planet. Get the *** outta the way please. Taurus trying to save the world here." [giggle]

Very good Musey. Hope you're having a great week. Texas is great but can't wait to get home now. [sigh]

Shellmo said...

I'm a sagitarius - not sure if that's good!!

soulbrush said...

after reading this all i can say is 'thank heavens i am not scorpio'!

Betsy said...

Ha-ha...Sparky must be going to the grocery store that I do! What's with the carts, people!?

Blicky Kitty said...

Oh my goodness these are pure, pure gold. Sparkly, shiny awesome writing gold. Now if I can remember anyone's horoscopes I'm going to come up with some email-forward recipients for these.

Marie Reed said...

Hooray for your get real Horoscope! I'm sending this directly to my Mom!

Cynthia said...

I'm not sure we fully understand all of the signs and know the Indian method is so complex...I hope I have free will to choose a path that brings a tendency to correct choices... I'm overthinking this Ah... I'm a that why? :-)